From Where? To There! - Working with Technology in Real Estate

Technology has significantly changed the way buyers and sellers (and their real estate agents) interact in today’s market.  This is happening up front and behind the scenes too.

A majority of real estate searches now start on line.  Sites like and individual agent sites ( allow buyers to set up search criteria, look at property information and photographs, view location maps, and use on-line tools like mortgage calculators.  Because of this heavy reliance on preliminary information, it is important for the sellers’ real estate agent to post reliable and accurate information along with quality photographs that best represent the property.  Good photos can make or break the opinion of a potential buyer before they even get a chance to see the property in person.

Technology has changed the way we communicate and the speed that things happen.  Email for the sending of documents and texting for basic communication is the new norm.

Behind the scenes, the days of the fax machine are almost over, and even scanning-emailing-printing-signing-scanning-emailing documents is becoming old fashioned.  New web-based programs like docusign and e-sign have become more common and are very simple to use.  They allow parties in transactions to read and sign documents anywhere on a computer or even on their smart phones or iPads.

In the end, it is important for you to find a real estate agent that will make the most of the technology available while still recognizing ways of communicating that YOU are most comfortable with.  Give me a call (or text… or email… or write me a letter!) and lets talk about how technology can assist you to sell your house, or find you a property, or help us communicate with each other.



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