From where? to there! - "Sprucing" it up!

While most real estate shopping starts on line, another critical factor in selling your home is curb appeal.  A few hours of work in your yard can go a long way to enhance the marketability of your home.  No yard is maintenance-free but you don’t want yard care to be a potential buyer’s first thought.


Here are a few things to consider:

Clean up and declutter – Just like the inside of your home, a general tidying and simplifying can go a long way.  Take a critical look around your yard with fresh eyes.  Remove things that have been lingering, like those old fence boards under the deck or that broken birdbath in the back garden.  If you are one for yard ornaments, consider putting away your gnome collection.

Pull the weeds and trim the grass – Look around for those weeds that sneak into the cracks in the driveway or between the houses.  Trimming back the edges of the grass along the sidewalk and back fence will give the lawn a more tailored look.  Revitalise the lawn with some fertilizer and water, and overseed where required.  There are some great patch-fixing products on the market now.

See the trees despite the forest! – It’s easy for trees to get away on us as they grow gradually over time and our eyes just adjust.  Consider pruning trees up and shrubs back.  Remove the deadwood.  If you’re not familiar with the right way to prune things, watch some YouTube videos or hire a professional.   Some people do more harm than good with the wrong techniques.

Lighten up! – Consider the addition of some landscape accent lighting.  It can be solar, low voltage, or regular.  Work on lighting one or two things in the yard rather than scattering the focus around.  A couple up-lights into a large tree or onto a boulder with your address can dress up the whole yard.

Do the minor repairs – Straighten that post the birdhouse is on.  Paint the fence.  Get caught up on general maintenance.  A bunch of little things can make a big difference.  You want your buyers to see their future home, not a whole bunch of work to do when they move in.

Consider the major repairs – Some major items may be make-or-break concerns for a buyer.  Replacing the rotten steps up to the deck or rebuilding the fence might be a wise investment for both listing price and time on the market.

If you’re just now only thinking of selling and are waiting until fall or winter, make sure you take lots of photos when the yard is at it peak and create a little photo album that you can leave out on the counter for buyers to view.


I have a background in horticulture and landscape design, so I like to work with my Sellers to achieve the best results for curb appeal.  First impressions are important!  Let me know how we can work together to best list and market your home for sale.

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