It's more than just selling houses!

I recently attended a great luncheon and was asked to introduce myself & talk about my most effective marketing technique?  As 1 of the newest Realtors in a small community the importance of an aggressive marketing strategy is quite important, getting my face, name and establishing a professional reputation will be the key to succeeding.

While listening to the other entrepreneurs I realized that I have been doing a lot of the same things but when I began to speak about what my job entails on a day-to-day basis and specifically what my marketing strategy was I began to realize that I really do pride myself in offering an out of the box marketing strategy to ensure that I do not limit my opportunities and that I stand out.  A few of the top marketing tips were Facebook, referrals/word of mouth, and attending networking luncheons like the 1 I was at.  Listening to this group of entrepreneurs who spoke about their marketing ideas and struggles was quite enlightening.  (Join the WOW (Women Out Working) Networking Group on Facebook to view more great tips)


It's more than just selling houses!

Being a realtor (to me) is so much more than just selling a "house". I am helping my clients with most likely 1 of their biggest investments. My marketing strategy is really multi-tiered - I market the services I provide, the services Century 21 Canada and our local owned and operated office Century 21 Westcountry Realty Ltd. offers.   I need to efficiently and effectively market the homes I am selling and I also need to market the Town of Rocky Mountain House / Clearwater County.  Many times people who are relocating from out of the area or even the province come to our town & they are just considering moving to the area... They will ask specific information about the hospital, schools, extra curricular activities, restaurants, community growth and expansion etc...  I need to know about the community they are wanting to live in and I need to be honest as I feel this is so important - If I am not involved in the Community and unaware of what is going on how can I do the job they are asking of me.


I believe and I am very passionate about the career I have chosen, being a realtor is challenging and has many highs and lows but for me it really is very fulfilling... At the end of the day I am proud to say that my job is to help people find "HOMES" and I use the word "HOMES" not houses because to me there is a significant difference.


"Giving your Dreams an Address!"

Kimberly McDonald Century 21 Westcountry Reatly Ltd.

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