July 2013 Statistics


How is the Real Estate Market?...

According to MLS statistics provided by the Central Alberta Real Estate Association's Matrix program 62 properties were listed in the Rocky Mountain House Area in July 2013. During June 2012 – 57 new listings were initiated, 2011 67properties were listed.

34 properties sold in the month of July 2013; whereas in 2012 - 30 properties sold, 2011 – 25 properties.

 Quite often as realtors we are stopped when we are out and about in the community and asked: "How is the Real Estate market?", my answer is: "that depends!". Depending on whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in the market the trends vary. In addition, depending on the type of property you possess or would like to possess the market is never the same. There are typically fluctuations in different price ranges and the best time to buy or sell is best left to professional who see the trends as they occur.

Our company is a large team that is educated about the market place in and around Rocky Mountain House. If you are wondering how the market affects your specific Real Estate needs my advice is to make an appointment with one of our Real Estate professionals and take an in depth, personal, and thorough look at your specific needs.


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