Nordegg Fire

The Nordegg fire has change real estate in Nordegg on one hand it is holding up sales that are in progress by the insurance companies not being able to place policees on properties in danger of being damaged. On the other hand it has developed an interest in the area by people that didn't know about Nordegg and the area, on the long weekend I had many call and emails  from people checking out the properties on line and driving to Nordegg to check the area out. Most of them could not beleave how resnoble the prices where in conparison to Calgary, Cochrane and Canmore cabin acreages. One problem is there are conflicting fire reports for the area Clearwater County Has a controled burn going on in the Sundre area that is burning under there supervision and this is confusing with the Nordegg wild fire that at last report was under control but still has the reidance on a 2 hour evacuation notice.



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