What does your favorite season say about you?

The season you look forward to most says a lot about your most alluring traits. If you prefer…

Winter: You are poised yet perseverant. Tenacious & driven you are able to plow through obstacles. Few things, be it a snowstorm or a setback, can keep you down.

Spring: You are a determined optimist. Spring is synonymous with potential - the almost palpable feeling in the air that anything is possible. You don’t quit until all your goals have come to fruition.

Summer: You are an exuberant doer. This is hope fully realized. You bring an exuberant passion to whatever you do and have a spark to your spirit that’s just as bright as summer sun.

Fall: You are multifaceted. Smart & sophisticated you are drawn to autumn’s understated beauty. You know that when fall arrives, there’ll be a cornucopia of fun & pursuits to do.


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