Advice for Selling Your First Home

Advice for Selling Your First Home

When it’s time to sell your home, you need sound guidance and advice – and not just on the financial side.  Selling your home isn’t as cut and dried as that, because it’s normal to feel emotional about where you live. You’ve celebrated holidays there, entertained friends and family within its four walls, and hopefully you have some great memories.

However, as soon as you make the decision to sell your home, the distancing process begins:  your home is now a financial asset, one that you won’t be living in much longer. It’s something to be marketed to others; you begin to move yourself out of it the day you choose to sell.  It’s not easy to deal with when your home becomes just a property – with a numbered MLS listing, no less – but as hard as it is, try to set aside your emotions and concentrate on the sale of your property.  After all, you will be moving somewhere else, which will be your chance to make another house – hopefully an even better one – into the place you call home.

If you’ve priced your home correctly, made sure it’s in good showing condition, and hired the right listing agent to guide you safely and comfortably through the process, your home should sell in a reasonable amount of time.   But you still cannot control the open market.  Relax, maintain your home’s show-ready condition, and consider making adjustments to the price or other terms if market conditions and feedback call for it. Don’t become too distraught if it takes a little longer than the Toronto average days on market to sell your property. You’ve done all you can to successfully sell your home, and it will sell!

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