As promised....#9. in more Depth, Finding a Home Inspector

When you are buying a home, you will want to scrutinize the last details of the Home.

Home Inspectors can save you from many unpleasant surprises.

- Make a conditional offer based upon a satisfactory home inspection. This is becoming a standard condition. If the Seller doesn't want you closely examining the home before you take possession, this makes you wonder why.

-Go with a Qualified Professional.

Make sure your Inspector is a member of a recognized professional organization. It helps provide some assurance they have the training and experience for the job.

What will they check during an Inspection.

- Several things! Plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows,

the integrity of the foundation. They also check for lead paint, asbestos, mould, outdated and dangerous wiring, and evidence of pests, like mice or termites.

Join the Inspection

-Get up and close to your New Home. If any problems are detected, you will see them first hand, and learn some tips from a pro!

You will get it in Writing

-Their report will summarize the condition of your home. If there is anything that needs work, the Home Inspector will provide an estimated cost for repairs.

Home inspection for a New Home

-New does not equal perfect. The quality of construction can vary from builder to builder.

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