A friend of mine used to say that there were two certainties on any May two-four weekend in Canada; bugs and beer. One is a welcomed inclusion. The other, not so much. But with these simple tips, you can help reduce the nuisance in an eco-friendly way - without killing the very environment you are enjoying;

  1. Many people claim a simple plastic bag filled with water will ward off flies. Hang it over patio areas or bbq's – preferably in the sunlight. Apparently the way light refracts through the bag causes rays that disturb a fly's complex eyes.
  2. Deer flies and horse flies can leave a nasty bite. Scare them off by placing one of their most feared enemies – the dragon fly – on your hat or shoulders. You can buy pins that look just like the real thing. Or print off a page of them, cut them out, and safety pin them on. Flies aren't that smart.
  3. Make a fly trap out of a plastic bottle. Click here for details.
  4. Wear white. What could be simpler? It's proven to dissuade mosquitoes and other bugs.
  5. Just about all bugs are attracted to standing water. Remove any rainwater collection sites like planters, kids play centers, etc. and drill holes where possible to avoid the problem altogether.
  6. Eat bug repellents! There are many foods that deter various little biters, including garlic, bananas, grapefruit, chili peppers, onions, tomatoes, beans and lentils.
  7. Hang paper bags filled with crumpled newspaper near ‘people areas' to discourage bees and wasps from building a hive where it might be a problem.

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