Buyers 'To Do' List before you get the keys for your New Home

Where to start is the first question Realtors most often get asked. "What do I do now?"... once the papers are signed and you are waiting to get the keys to your new home.

1. First off - make yourself a list and then contact  all the household companies that you would like services installed:

Phone, Cable, Internet, Alarm System, etc. Some are booked up to weeks in advance for instatallation so you want to give them the heads up far enough in advance so you aren't without your favortite Tv shows once you are done unpacking.

2. Book your movers - wether it is a professional company or your BFF's. Get your trucks, people and day on everyone's calendars so you won't be without help.

Book a yard care company to give your new home the once over so its not hanging over you hen you finally get settled in and have to cut the grass. 

3. House Fire Insurance is a necesity to be able to get the keys to your new place, so book your appointment at your local Insurance Company in enough time that you have it ready to go the week before your Move In date.

4. The household bills will need to be changed over to your name. So once everything is in place, call your local Hydro/Gas company as well as the City for your water bills to be switched over.

5. Change your locks. You don't know how many neighbours might have a spare key to your new home - so it doesn't hurt to have a Locksmith booked for day of posession to stop by. 

6. Pack and label your boxes. This way when your movers or helpers unpack with you  - they know what room to take the box to directly. You can also prioritize what boxes you need first if you know what's in them.

7. Not sure what else you need to do before the big day... Ask your Realtor! That's what we are here for. To take you through all the steps of getting you into your new home. 




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