Curb Appeal Tips for Spring

Now that the weather has turned warmer, here are some ideas that can make your home stand out from others on the market.

  • Get rid of outdoor clutter- this may be children's toys, a mish-mash of statues, whirl-i-gigs, and/or anything that makes buyers focus on the item rather than the house and yard. Store them away in a shed or pre-pack these things away for when your home sells. It will be one less thing to do then when you are busy packing.
  • Trim hedges, trees and plants- you want your yard to look well maintained and cared for, not like a unkept jungle. Get rid of anything that has winterkill and replace it with something fresh and healthy.
  • Flowers - plant flowers to make your home look welcoming. Keep the colours simple - choose one or two colours that accent your home and buy lots of plants so it looks lush and beautiful. Annuals plants are cheap and really give a nice burst of colour to your yard.
  • Paint things that need to be painted- Take a look around - does the fence look tired or is the paint on your home chipped or discoloured? Does your front door look boring? A simple coat of paint can make a huge difference and draw potential buyers in to see your home.
  • Weeds in your lawn - Does your lawn look like it has more dandelions than grass? If so, consider either manually removing the weeds for a "green" alternative, or hire a company to treat your lawn with weed killer. Just make sure pets and children stay off the grass until the company tells you it is safe to walk on again.
  • Mow the lawn every few days....seems like overkill, but a freshly mown lawn not only looks like the yard is well maintained, but most people love the smell of freshly mown grass.  Make sure to trim grass around trees and the fence to show your yard in the best possible light.
  • Clean, clean clean - clean your windows so they shine, polish door hardware, remove cobwebs from light fixtures (and replace any burnt out light bulbs, if any), sweep off sidewalks and driveway, and pull weeds from flower beds. A nice way to clean up your flowerbeds is to take a small cultivator and "fluff" up the soil around the plants to make it look well-cared for.

These are only a few of the ideas and tips that I offer when you list your home with me. For little money, you can make your home and yard stand out from the rest and that can result in a quick sale for top dollar.

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