Do I need a Home Inspection? What is it?

Do I need a Home Inspection?  What is a Home Inspection?

You have just found your dream house. You are sitting down to write the offer and your Realtor asks you "Do you want a Home Inspection?"  You pause for a moment before saying "sure, what is it and how much does it cost?"

A home inspection is not required for the purchase of a home, but I strongly recommend having one done.  Why you ask? A home inspection will give you a more thorough understanding of your potential house.  The inspector will go into the attic and check the insulation. This will help to determine if it is sufficient for winter or if it contains dangerous substances (i.e. asbestos).  The inspector will also look into the wiring of the house; is it up to code, what type of wiring is it (aluminum, knob and tube or copper) and is it installed correctly.  Checking the basement for signs of water damage and heading up onto the roof to inspect the shingles are also included in a typical home inspection.  The inspector looks at the house from a different perspective. They are looking for flaws in the house and pointing them out for your knowledge, no matter how big or small the flaw may be. Once the inspection is complete they compile a report for you to take home and read through.  In the report, the home inspector will highlight any issues they found with your house and usually accompany the findings with pictures for you to see the problem.

In Brandon the cost of a normal home inspection is $400 plus taxes.  In my opinion this could be the best $400 you will spend on your purchase.  It can give you peace of mind with knowing what your house is and how it is built.

If you have any more questions about home inspections, or any other about real estate related questions, please feel free to give me a call and I will do whatever I can to help out.

Have a great day.   

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