Do I really need a REALTOR®to sell my home?

Many people try to sell their home by themselves. Often they end up using a REALTOR® anyway.Before you try to fly solo on this time consuming, complex financial process,you should consider these questions.

Will you really save the commision? When buyers see the FSBO sign they see a bargain and they see that fee going into their pocket not yours.

How many potential buyers will you reach? How will you promote your home? Write your own ads?How will you use the internet? MLS?

Do you have the time? Promoting a home is a full-time job.And you may already have one.Will you be able to take calls? Screen people?Not everyone is suitable to walk through your home. How will you know?

Do you know the market well enough to get the most from your home? The average person is merely guessing at their list price. Often the price is set too low. Too high may drive away willing buyers.

Do you have the negotiationskills to keep a deal on track? When an offer comes in,emotions run high. Direct seller to buyer deals often end in disaster.REALTORS® keep it profesional.

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