Extra Costs

Application fee: Some mortgage lenders charge a fee to process your application. But, ask if you can get it waived.

Appraisal fee: Your mortgage lender may need to have your new home appraised by a proffesional, and quite often the bill is passed on to you. Sometimes your lender may waive the fee.

Mortgage Broker`s fee: Your mortgage broker may charge a fee that is payable on your closing date. Ask your broker to avoid any surprises.

Land Survey fee: Lenders may require a survey of your property, even if it is an existing survey. Get your lawyer to look into it.

Home Inspection fee: A home inspection is so important. Avoid surprises and protect ypurself.....this is money well spent. More on this on future blogs!

Home Insurance: Mortgage lenders require you to carry fire and extended-coverage insurance because your home is the security deposit on the mortgage. Often you can have thsse payments added to your monthly mortgage payments. Good advise, is to shop around.


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