February Brandon Market Update -Spring Into Selling

February's Numbers Are In!


Average Days On Market : 48

New Listings Taken In February : 79

Homes Sold In February: 33

Average Price was: $264,389

Spring is almost here and as the skies open and clouds push back, the sunshine will once again flood
through filling our lives and homes with warm light! Along with good weather comes a busy Real Estate
market. This is the time when the market explodes with new listings and buyers have a lot to choose

How do you get your house notice in a sea of For Sale signs?

Clean, clean, clean. I mean clean everything! A clean house shows way better than a not so clean house. If you really want to sell your house, here are a few pointers to maximize your profit and get an edge over your competition.

WOW , Check that curb appeal!

First impressions only happen once. When I show up with a buyer I first note how the house presents
itself. Does it show pride in ownership? Or, has the home been neglected? A house that is in need of
repair and cleaning outside usually reflects on the inside as well. You have to get the buyers in to have a
chance in selling. I’ve pulled up to a home and have been instructed by the client to just drive away. Don’t let your house be our next pass over!

So you have our attention. What’s next?

If you’ve done your job right, we’re coming in. What’s the one of things I do when I approach the
house? I ring the door bell. If it’s broken or not working, I write it down. Once inside, we begin the
tour. Odours KILL deals! Please make sure you clean and deodorize carpets. It’s important to have a
pleasing and inviting scent upon entry. Pick a plug in air freshener that is NOT overbearing as too much
scent makes it seem like you’re hiding something. If you have pets, hide the litter container and keep it

Let there be light…

And lots of it! Maximize your exposure with clean windows and sky lights inside and out. Check for
mildew. It is disgusting to look at and leaves a negative impression. Get rid of it. Check all light fixtures
and fix or replace as necessary. Please make sure all light bulbs work!

The most important room in the house

Actually, there are two, the Kitchen and the Bathroom(s). Let’s face it, you won’t eat in a dirty
restaurant will you? And it’s the same for public washroom. Plus, if you not inclined to clean these
areas, the clean outside will look fake.


It really is the final frontier! You’re not selling a storage locker so don’t make your house look like one.
Clutter is a major deterrent for any buyer. Unnecessary stuff, over sized or too much furniture will make
a space look smaller than it really is. Remember, buyers are trying to get a “feel” for if their furniture will
fit into your (their new) space. If it looks crowded and navigation through the house proves challenging, they will
move on.

If you are thinking of selling,  have a Professional Realtor® come by and give you their input on what to do to get the most out of your next sale.

 Amanda Day



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