Home Buyers Agenda - part 1

1) Find the Right Realtor.  Look for someone with experience in the area, someone who is easy to reach and responds to phone calls, text messages or emails, and one you have an easy time talking to about your wants and needs. Ask them how many times they have represented a buyer since it’s a good idea to find a Realtor who has worked with many buyers. Learn how much experience they have and ask them if they have the time to find you a home. You’d be surprised how some Realtors are stretched too thin and as a result can’t go the extra mile.

If a Realtor has too many active clients, that person may not necessarily be right for you. It’s possible they’re more concerned about closing deals and may not have the time to be your best advocate. Most importantly, find a Realtor who has the time to serve your needs and can help you with related questions and concerns, such as mortgages, lawyers, home inspectors, and home insurance to name a few.

Technology is a huge part of the Realtor's attributes. Does the Realtor use an iPad and smart phone to access real-time data and provide you with the quickest service?

As a buyer, you want to be treated as though you are important, because you are important.

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