Open House Season Begins again - and how important they can be!!!

It's that time of year when you begin seeing many Open House signs on top of the listing sign, scrolls of Open House ads posted everywhere and trails of footprints coming and going from many front doors.

Some think it is just an excuse for your neighbours to peek into your house and take decorating ideas (and you may be right) but you should be flattered by that. The more your neighbours talk about your house to their friends and families, the more attention and free advertising your house receives. In fact -- we incourage and invite all your neighbours to attend. That way they can let their family and friends know how great your home is.

Alot of first time buyers and those just starting to think about moving begin their process with a handful of Open Houses to get ideas, a feel for an area and different house layouts. This is a no pressure environment, so they feel comfortable to take a casual stroll through and not have to answer to anyone.

This is the time to put your best foot forward. A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table. A soft scent of fresh baking coming from the kitchen, and a clean sweep throughout the house gives you an advantage. Soft scents attract the buyers to feeling welcome into your home. Beware of lingering food smells that stcik around for a while.. fish, bacon or spicy dinners. This can be off putting for some viewers.

We do the rest!!! Maybe some savory treats on the dining room table for guests to nibble while walking through, feature sheets to give out during the Open House with details and photos to take away, advertising on the local websites and newspapers with dates and times and lawn signs to let drive-bys and neighbours know of the upcoming event!!

When it becomes difficult for the casual buyer to view a property they often become discouraged and move on to those that are easy to view and with little hassle.

It can be a stressful process selling your home but with a little hard work from you -the seller and a Realtor working hard for you, you can take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon stroll while we do the work for you!!!

Happy Open House!!!

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