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Bank of Canada In No Rush To Raise Interest Rates

The Bank of Canada announced today that it is making no adjustment to its key interest rate and is in no rush to raise rates. Good news for home buyers and companies that sell their goods in the States (lower interest rates usually meaning a weaker currency). Not great news for snowbirds that would prefer a strong Canadian dollar for their winter trips to the south.

Time to Hit The Links Westman!

The sun is out, the days are long, which can only mean one thing: it’s golf season in Manitoba! Golf is a passion of mine. Not only do I find it a great activityto do on your own, a great way to unplug or escape from the office. And it’s also an activity you can enjoy with friends, strangers, or your family. It’s a game where you can compete against yourself, and a game that no ...

Gardening tip....prune in June!

One annual task that is often overlooked by gardeners is the thinning of fruit on fruit trees. But many trees, like apple, pear, plum, or peach, can benefit from the thinning process. It deserves to move closer to the top of your gardening to do list. And June is the best time to thin. Thinning fruit now reduces the weight on tree branches as fruit matures and lowers the risk of broken branches. ...

Get Ready To Move!

The end of June is one of the more popular times of the year for moving, with many homeowners and renters waiting until the school year is over or for their summer vacation to begin to move into their new abode. Are you one of the lucky movers? If so, or if you have been enlisted to help a friend of family member move, check out these useful tips to help make the move go as smoothly as possible; ...

Some Tips For Seller's In A Buyers Market!

When it comes to selling a home in a buyer’s market, there are a lot of things to consider. How do you get your home listing out to as many people as possible? How do I make my home stand out above the others on the market? How do I get the most out of the sale? First of all, when considering to sell your home, I suggest talking to an agent, such as myself. Sure, this might be an obvious thing ...

Brandon Single Detached Home Sales Rise in April

Sales of single detached homes in the City of Brandon recorded through the MLS® System of the Brandon Real Estate Board were up on a year-over-year basis in April 2014. Single detached home sales in the City of Brandon numbered 65 units in April, rising 12 per cent from April 2013. On a year-to-date basis single detached home sales were also running 12 per cent above levels in the same period ...

Financial Benefits of Home Ownership

In today’s housing market, there are certainly people who argue that home ownership is a financial burden on young people. However, those voices are often coming out of Vancouver or Toronto, where prices of homes are exponentially higher than they are here. In Manitoba, it is still quite affordable for young people to get into the housing market. And as I’d like to discuss today, there ...

CMHC Predicts Average 3% Housing Price Increase Across Canada

CMHC (the government backed mortgage insurance agency) says that Canadian home prices are expected to rise by 3% in 2014. The agency sees a slower rate of home price appreciation in 2015 (1.6%). More details on the CMHC housing view in the article linked below:

Buyers 'To Do' List before you get the keys for your New Home

Where to start is the first question Realtors most often get asked. "What do I do now?"... once the papers are signed and you are waiting to get the keys to your new home. 1. First off - make yourself a list and then contact  all the household companies that you would like services installed: Phone, Cable, Internet, Alarm System, etc. Some are booked up to weeks in advance for instatallation ...

Changing Your Locks After Buying A Home

We always remember to hook up the cable, and the internet, but what about changing the locks?  Any number of keys may exist for your new home, and you don't know who has one.  Having a Locksmith come rekey the locks on your new home is an inexpensive investment that will give you peace of mind.  A Locksmith can also check the existing locks and deadbolts to be sure they are working properly. ...