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City of Brandon September 2014 Real Estate Stats

Year to date, 2014 really looks a lot like 2013.  Here are the September 2014 City of Brandon Residential Home Sale statistics from the Brandon Real Estate Board: I'll keep updating as time goes on so keep checking back for up to date data. Thanks

It Looks Like Interest Rates Are Going To Stay Low For Another Year

Good news for homeowners and prospective homeowners.  It looks like interest rates aren't going to go up any time soon. A Wall Street Journal survey of the leading economists at 12 primary Canadian Government debt dealers indicated that no rate increases are expected until mid-2015 at the earliest. The reasons for keeping rates low include a drop in oil prices (hurts Canadian economy), sluggish ...

Have some spare time and a bare wall?

Check out these couple unique wall art ideas... Triangle shapes are cut from an assortment of watercolor paintings, glued to a canvas then glazed with Mod Podge. ( What other supplies can you involve in your wall art creations? We bet you weren’t thinking “Styrofoam.” Luckily this next project had the perfect use for this art supply, which can be covered in fabric, ...

Get a Jump On Spring Lawn Care

Want a Healthier Lawn This Spring? A little extra time in the fall with lawn maintenance will reap benefits in the Spring with a thicker, healthier lawn. By providing water, nutrients and aeration in the Fall, you strengthen the root system and provide it with the necessary components to support it during our long Canadian winters, so your lawn will be quicker to bounce back in the Spring. Roots can ...

Brandon Single Detached Home Sales Flat in September

Sales of single detached homes in the City of Brandon recorded through the MLS® System of the Brandon Area REALTORS® were little changed on a year-over-year basis in September 2014. Single detached home sales in the City of Brandon numbered 47 units in September, little changed from the 48 sales recorded in September 2013. A total of 522 single detached ...

Open Houses - A Buyer's View

Is it worth going through open houses when you are looking to buy a house? You bet it is!!  An open house is your opportunity to view a house during daylight hours when (usually) the owner is not at home, when the pets are gone and you can take a good look around.  Then you can go off and view another open house, and compare what you have just seen. When you are going through the open house, ...

NEW LISTING... Land Before Time

Not sure if any other properties I have listed have had any interesting stories like this one... In 2012, archeologists dug into a surrounding shale cliff to uncover and collect pre-historic remains of a reptile measuring 20' long with a 4.5' skull. It will be displayed at a museum in Winnipeg. Can you imagine how many other properties have bones or interesting artifacts ...

YAY! It's Fall!!

Rich! Vibrant colours!! Crunchy leaves! Fall suppers! Thanksgiving! Hallowe'en!   .....leaves to rake! Gutters to clean! Weather stripping on doors! ...and the list goes on... Overwhelmed? Don't be! Robert H. Schuller says, 'Inch by inch anything's a cinch!' Start with a list. (I love lists!) Write down everything from cleaning the garage to finding the mitts! Now ...

Tales From a First Time Gardener

Aside from a few small flower/weed gardens I had never tried my hand at actual gardening. I mean, prep the soil, plant the vegetable seeds, water and grow kind of gardening... That became apparent as my first gardening attempt played out.  Don't get me wrong, in the end I was very proud of my harvest, and will carry with me to next spring a few lessons learned. I recommend doing a bit of research ...

Another NHL Season

With the start of a new NHL season rite around the corner, comes the hope for the Winnipeg Jets to become a playoff contender, but unfortunately I  personally don't think they made enough  off season moves to be one. But here's to another year of great hockey and Canada's  Sport.