Prepping your home for a spring sale

If you are planning on making a move this year and are hitting the market this spring or summer here are a few tips to get you started. It is crucial that you are absolutely honest with yourself about the current condition of your house and yard. 

It used to be said that Real Estate is all about location but new surveys are saying that the condition of the home may play a bigger role for some of the younger generations that are now purchasing homes.

Some may say that "Curb Appeal" is an over worked term, but call it what you want, most buyers have already formed an opinion good or bad before they even open the front door. Items such as patchy grass, over grown shrubs and hedges, trees too close to the house, worn shingles, fences that need painting and siding that needs repairing or simply cleaning are all an easy quick look for the buyer as they are approaching. If they don't like what they see on the outside, they are starting the inside tour on a negative note.

Make the exterior of your home as inviting as possible.

Once inside, neat, clean and tidy is the key. If your home is a bit dated by todays standards it is tough to make it look modern without spending a ton of money.  If you do spend your kids inheritance on upgrades you are going to be tempted to increase your ask price for the home in order to recoup your input costs. You have to watch carefully though, this can lead to overpricing a home for the area market to bear.

Buyers today are looking for a modern feel throughout the home with all the expensive and time consuming items already looked after. So that might mean doing not only a kitchen and bath make over, but also trim and doors, flooring, windows, and the list goes on. Doing only the baths for example and leaving the rest of the home only highlights the need for the rest of the home to be updated. There is no easy answer.

So do you sink some money into an older home and ask a higher sale price, or simply make sure it shines inside and out with some very modest updates and elbow grease. Such things as fresh paint, inexpensive but tasteful window treatments, some laminate in lieu of older carpet, clean everything you can clean and replace what you can't clean, (example:that old grundgy shower or tub doors) and clear out your storage areas of items that you have not looked at for decades. You don't have to spend a ton of money to make some modest updates that will go along way to encourage an offer that you will be happy to accept.

Not sure where to start....get a second opinion from a friend that can be honest with you, or try a couple of your friendly neighbourhood Realtors.

Have fun this spring with all the projects.  

Cheers for now



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