Selling your home in the winter.


Don't wait for spring! Though many people like to wait until spring to sell their home, there are many good reasons for selling your home in winter. In addition to upsizing and downsizing, a job transfer, promotion, and an expected addition to the family, there are good reasons why those who have a choice may want to choose to sell in winter.

To start with, a traditionally lower inventory of homes for sale in winter means less competition and more attention to your home. Also, most buyers at this time of year are doing so for a reason – they are more motivated to buy. Some homes can even benefit from the season; cool weather can quiet down noisy neighbours, reduced foliage can ‘expand' a cramped back yard space.

To make your home standout in winter, follow these few simple tips;

Clear walks and driveway! First impressions mean everything. You don't want a potential buyer to have trouble approaching the home or navigating the walk or steps.

Clear away Christmas. Take down all holiday decorations inside and all lights outside.
Warm it up. Entering your home should take the chill off interested parties and make them feel warm all over.

Organize the entryway. Boots and wet snow can make for a messy entrance to your home. Provide an ample transition area for visitors to remove their things comfortably before entering the rest of the home.

Show it in daylight. Shorter days mean shorter selling time. Encourage daytime showings. Keep windows clean and window coverings open.

Light a fire. Turn on the electric fireplace or light a real one to give your home that instant look and feel of warmth.

Bake something. Bread, cinnamon buns, chocolate chip cookies, etc. all make a house smell like a home.

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