Spring planting tips

Though we may still be seeing snow in the yard and feeling chills from northerly winds, April is a perfect time to start thinking about your flower gardens. A little planning now can make for a well-coordinated, professional appearance that you'll be proud of – and that neighbours will envy.

Look past selecting a single colour. Try to choose a pallet that includes both a plants flowers and its foliage, as each can be used to help accent your garden. Work with existing elements such as trees and the building's exterior colours to help create a unified flow of colour. Choose from warm hues like orange, reds and yellows, or cool blues, pinks, whites and purples.

Here are some tips to get you started;

  • Using plants of different heights can create a pleasing canvas for the eyes. Stagger plants for best results, making sure that shorter ones are not blocked out by ones that grow tall when mature.
  • It's true - there is strength in numbers. For more impact, consider planting a sizable full bed of flowers, as opposed to one or two.
  • A plant's texture and even leaf size and shape can also add visual appeal to your gardens. Take these into consideration as much as the flower colour itself.
  • Consider one or two of the many varieties of grasses available, too. They can add visual appeal to just about any landscape.
  • Landscape art is still popular. A couple of tastefully selected and positioned items can add interest to your gardens. Just don't overdo it.

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