Tales From a First Time Gardener

Aside from a few small flower/weed gardens I had never tried my hand at actual gardening. I mean, prep the soil, plant the vegetable seeds, water and grow kind of gardening... That became apparent as my first gardening attempt played out.  Don't get me wrong, in the end I was very proud of my harvest, and will carry with me to next spring a few lessons learned.

I recommend doing a bit of research before you select what will become your fall feast.  That was lesson number one.  I headed into the store with a picture in my mind that didn't fit in my small garden. Did you know that squash can probably take over the world if not maintained? And although I love spaghetti squash, there is no point to planting 3 hills,  (that is what it said on the back of the seed packet, not my own green thumb lingo) because I am quite sure that no one family can eat 25+ squash in a year, let alone before they go bad. So it is a good thing I love to share!  

Lesson number two came after only a few weeks.  I was so excited and proud to see the beginnings of my green beans, just like my kids, they grow quite fast.  However, not as fast as weeds! There really is something to the saying "my kids are growing like bad weeds".  The idea of "tackling them next weekend", was a very bad idea.  Like squash, they are out to take over!  Next year's plan is if you see it, pull it, don't leave them until you can fill your entire green bin or until you don't know what is a bean, or a carrot or a weed. 

Lesson three and probably the most important in the eyes of my husband and kids, plant more peas... You can never have enough peas.  I know this because I don't think a pod made it into the house, just into mouth's straight from the garden, it's a great reward for the hard work.  

I could go on but I want to keep myself convinced that I did a stellar job for my first attempt!  I look forward to round two next spring when I get myself a kneeling board, maybe some fancy gloves, and pull weeds until I can't think of anymore 90's hits to hum in my head!

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