The reuslts of our Seminars: Living and Farming in Manitoba, Canada, 2012

Our first South African farmers' visit in 2012.

2nd South African farmer/plumber visiting Manitoba, 2012

With visits by 5 different groups of South Africans, in Manitoba, in 2012, I knew there was a sure way to help my fellow South Africans to emigrate to Canada, more specifically to Manitoba.

We had loads of fun with the South African visitors.

Since we have kinda "Canadianized", I have noticed the following diffrences between "us" and the " visitors":

1. they were confused and stressed up, I should stress, with driving on the "other" side of the road,

2. they were even more confused by "us" not locking our vehicles and our homes, and us keeping to the speed limit, us, not going 160+ on the highways,

3. they were concerned about the gun shops, that had no burglar bars,

4. the fact that the Canadians couldn't understand The South African accent, was mind blowing, as we all speak   English,

5. they realised that it is not impossible to farm without cheap farm labourers,

6. one of the biggest differences that I noticed, which they noticed, was that there is no Road rage!!

7. they had to admit that meat was better and cheaper than in South Africa.

8. and "we" dont drink and drive!

We are planning our next trip to South Africa in 2013 and I will post the schedule soon.


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