Tips to Hosting this Holiday Season

Here are some tips when you are hosting friends and family this holiday season.

1) Have a start time. Family friendly parties could start a little earlier around 4:00pm. Adult only parties cocktails could begin at 8:00. This will also give you enough time to prepare for the event.

2) Keep it simple. You don't need to impress with fancy h'orderves. Simple snacking food like chocolate pretzels, almond bark, or other holiday treats will work just fine.

3) Provide warm drinks. Hot chocolate and tea can be placed on the kitchen counter for guests to help them selves. If it is an older crowd set out your bar as a self serve, so you aren't playing bartender all night.

4) Decorate for the Holiday Season. Make your home feel inviting and warm. People enjoy the feeling of the Holiday Season.

5) Set out games. Quick games like checkers, or board games. Have cards out for people to enjoy some laughs together.

6) Don't sweat the small stuff. The house is becoming a little messy? Relax! Your guests aren't sitting there judging your home. They are enjoying the laughter and good times with friends and family.

7) Most importantly, don't be a Grinch!

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