Top 5 Mistakes that Homesellers Make

Top 5 Mistakes Home Sellers Make

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1- Incorrect Pricing or Not Pricing Flat
    - Keep upto date on Market Movement and Buyer Demand
    - What is the overall condition of the home?  Move in Ready?
    - What is the location of the house?  School or shopping nearby?

2 - Not Preparing the House For Sale
    - General Maintenance to the house
    - How much clutter is around the house?
    - Does the house have good curb appeal?

3 - Effective Marketing by the Realtor for the house
    - Does the house have 21 High Def photos?
    - Is there a custom video tour of the house?
    - Is the house marketed in a traditional way or is online marketing being used?

4 - Are You Using the Wrong Realtor?
    - Does your Realtor have experience?
    - Can your Realtor give you examples of their negotiation skills?
    - What is your Realtors list to sell ratio?

5 - Agree on Details Before Listings
    - What is all included in the sale
    - What is your ideal possession date?
    - Determine a bottom line for your sale price

By thinking of these 5 mistakes and avoiding them when selling your house, you should have a more enjoyable time selling and a much shorter time on the market.  If you would like to talk about how I can help you get your house sold in a timely manor, Please feel free to give me a call to schedule an appointment.

Please leave your comments below on what you think the biggest mistakes in selling are.

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