You have an accepted offer on your Home....Now ... What needs to Be done before you Move in

As your Realtor I am here to help you every step of the way but here is a check sheet of the items that are important to have completed before you get the keys for your new home. 

  • After all the conditions have been removed on your new home I will send all documents to bank and lawyers 
  • You will need to obtain Home Owners Insurance I can help refer some great Companies
  • You should also forward a moving notice to all required companies & friends . I will send you a postcard template
  • You can also arrange all telephone, internet & TV services to be connected on move in date. 
  • You will need to Contact a moving Company if you are not moving yourself
  • The bank will contact you to sign all final mortgage documents
  • The lawyer will contact you to confirm a meeting to sign all documents approx. 1 week before your possession. You will need to have your down payment ready at this time 
  • I will contact you a few days before to arrange a convenient time to meet at your new home the day of possession and present keys and do a final walk through of your new home. At this time we will take meter readings which will then be sent to MB Hydro & Water



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