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Souris, MB

Souris is a town in the southwestern portion of the Canadian province of Manitoba, population 1,683. It is located on the Souris River, from which it takes its name. The town is home to Canada's longest historic cable-stayed footbridge (177 m),[1] known as the Swinging Bridge, which spans the Souris River that divides the town. The Swinging Bridge was built in Souris' early history in 1904[2] as a means of transportation over the Souris River.

Souris is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Glenwood.

In the summer of 2010, a new internet community radio station began broadcasting after re-locating from Selkirk, Manitoba. BIG FM [1] is owned and operated by Interlake Broadcast Group.


The Souris Swinging bridge was destroyed in the 1977 flood and the 2011 flood.Brand new pool built in 2010 is built in Victoria Park. There are many trails in Victoria Park (This trail may be partly missing due to the 2011 flood. Rock Shop is a shop that sells many rocks and all different sizes and kinds. Visit the Bird zoo in Victoria Park at the bowl. There is a camp ground in Victoria Park that is usually full

Local Attractions

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Market Reports and Conditions

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