Featured Character Home of the Week - 1605 Lorne Ave

Former Clement House
1635 Lorne Avenue

Date of Construction: 1905

Dr. David E. Clement, a prominent local druggist, had the home at 1635 Lorne Avenue built in 1905 as a wedding gift for his wife. Designed in the Classic Revival style, the home was built by contractor Frank C. Lissaman and offers such details as dormer windows, a decorative gable, dentils, and a pent extension. The more eminent details, however, lie indoors. After sitting vacant for a number of years, the home passed to Dr. Sharpe and his family, who lived in the house for several decades and had oak cabinets built for housing cellos. The names of the Sharpe children can be seen scribbled on the exterior wall of the second-storey porch. The Sharpe family also had monkey bars installed on the third floor. Where the main floor bathroom is now there was once a set of servants’ stairs going up to the second floor. There are many more interesting details and stories attached to the home, so be sure to ask questions!


Photo and information courtesy of City of Brandon - Brandon Municipal Heritage Community

Photo and information courtesy of the City of Brandon’s Heritage Brandon website


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