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I want to talk about one of the newer neighbourhoods in Brandon. Outback Drive (including Onyx Cove, Bell Avenue and Oakview Street) are on the North Hill, to the west of 18th street. The development started around 2010. By 2019 the first part of Outback, from 18th Street to around the corner at the west end, as well as the the first block of Onyx, is mostly filled up with homes. A condo project called Stonebridge started around 2015 and was mostly finished by 2019 with side by side units featuring double garages. Building started on Oakview Street and Bell Avenue around 2016. Falcon Ridge Estates has completed the first of three buildings and is currently taking reservations on the second  building. This whole sub-division will continue to the north over the next years.

The sale prices of houses sold on MLS in this area have ranged from $329,500 to $570,000. However, provincial assessments has them as high as $830,000. The Stonebridge condos ranged in price from $370,660 to $461,941.

Having lived on Outback Dr. since 2013, one of the things that has struck me most about this area is the old style neighbourhood feel about it. The kids actually still play hockey on the street or on the pond that the parents set up for them. It's the first neigbourhood that I've lived in that has really had a block party. The neighbours visit on the sidewalk and know each other.


I asked a few of my neighbours why they liked it here;

Colby and Colleen said; "Outback is like a community within the community everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  If anyone ever needs anything there is always someone who is willing to help out.  It's very family friendly with many young families."

Chad and Michelle said; "When our family decided to move, we did a lot of homework on the area of the city that fit our family the best.... We kept coming back to the Outback.Every time we drove down to look at the empty lots, we saw families outside.... playing, visiting. In the fall neighbors were visiting on the driveways and in the early winter the kids were skating and tobogganing at the pond. This sealed the deal for us. In 14 years of living in Brandon, this has been our best family decision. Neighbours have become amazing friends, it is almost like we are in our own little community here...... it is safe, quiet and our kids get picked up and dropped off at my front door from the school bus! We can't imagine ever living anywhere else as long as we are in Brandon"

Ritchie and Patti said; "We were 1 of the 2 original houses built on Outback

Our only neighbour who was on the opposite end of the street were great and are great!

Then as the development grew we found that everyone is friendly and especially in the spring, summer & fall you will always run into your neighbours walking, biking and they always say hi or stop for a quick visit.

We love when we're gone our neighbours actually watch our house for us.  I came home one day to find my garbage bins put out for pick up.  To this day I really don’t know who did it but it is just part of the great street we live on!

We have a community pond were in the winter you will always see kids of all ages skating till dark and the adults congregating for a visit.

I can end by saying for as much fun we all have, it is truly a quit area to live."

Nate and Kristin said; "We have really enjoyed our move to the Outback.  We have been there since 2011 and have never regretted our decision. The area has grown with many young families over that time.  School buses pick up kids in the area for school and we are only a stones throw away from the Corral Centre.   It’s been a great place to call home."


As these neighbours have stated, it's close to lots of shopping, easy to get out of town, and quiet. It has a wide diversity of newer housing and a great place to raise a family. Do yourself a favour and take the time to check out this fantastic little North Hill secret.

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