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Farmer Joe had a wide rock buried in the middle of one of his fields. He tried to plow and plant around it, but over the years it broke more than a few of his plows and cultivators. He thought he would have to live with the inconvenience since the rock was so big.

But one day after breaking yet another plow, Joe decided to do something about the rock, no matter how much work it took. He brought a sledgehammer and a big crowbar out into the field, ready for hours of backbreaking toil.

But when he slipped the crowbar under the rock, it came up from the ground with hardly any effort. The rock was only a few inches thick, and Joe only needed a few minutes with his sledgehammer to break it up. As he went for his tractor to cart the pieces away, Joe smiled to think of how much trouble he would have spared himself if he’d just taken action sooner.

The moral of this story is obvious: Take care of challenges as soon as you can; they’re often not as big as you think.

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