Good News for Strata Owners

The Provincial Government passed the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act in 2012.  The Civil Resolution Tribunal, or CRT as it is known, is now to be formed and should be up and running this year sometime.

The CRT is intended for strata owners and councils to use in place of expensive court cases, much like the Residential Tenancy Branch was formed to settle tenant/landlord disputes, or the Human Rights Tribunal for human rights issues.  The CRT is also supposed to cut down on the time taken to get a dispute resolved instead of waiting years for the courts.  CRT promises online communication between the parties to the dispute and the Tribunal.  It is expected to provide a more straight forward, timely and cost effective way for strata parties to resolve disputes without the provincial court.  It promised to use plain language, and a simpler process than the dispute resolution mechanism contained in the Strata Property Act of strata corporation bylaws.

The Tribunal will look at the following kinds of disputes:

*non-payment of strata fees

*non -payment of strata bylaw fines

*perceived unfair actions by the strata corporation or owners

*issues of charge backs for repairs by the strata corporation

*governance of strata meetings, voting, minutes or other matters

*interpretation of regulations or bylaw

*issues regarding common property

*small claim disputes up to a maximum amount of $25,000

Although their power in dealing with stratas is somewhat limited, it is believed they will be a great asset to condo/strata lot owners in B.C.

For more information on CRT go to their website at

William Blackall

William Blackall

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