Buying in Rural Ontario: Heritage a Sense of Place

We see urban immigrants opt for rural life; for some the experience exceeds the expectations; other find themsleves  committed to reshaping the rural landscape into their another unbanite's playground; while sadly others leave somewhat disillusioned because the reality failed to match the dream.

Get to know your new community. The people and their rich heritage is what makes each rural neighbouthood a unique experience. Each has its own idiosyncrasies; even the methods of communicating is worth learning. Often the characteristics are best seen by observing individual uses of humour. In each rural community, take the time to understand special relationship developed with the environment; it may not be your concept, but it is very significant to the original families of any rural community.

Days of the early settlers gave way to commerce, to barley days, to shipping, fishing, and market gardening but always within the context of neighbors learning to partner with each other and the environment that they inhabit. Don't buy into one without the other; the land is part and partial to the descendents, and today's generation are who they are because of the intimate relationship that is understood with their surroundings. The land has housed, fed, protected and nurtured the families that have come to treasure that relationship.

What does this mean if you are seeking "the rural life"?  Get to know the people, their history, how it developed , how the community developed its unique personality. You will find that Social life is different in the countryside. Ask yourself what you are looking for. Is it the aesthetics alone; if so youu do not need community. If it is community, get to understand how a rural community works; otherwise you may miss the chance to enjoy one of our true Heritages; a people working respectfully, working with the land and each other.

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