Quinte's time has come

"Rather than scrambling to continue a lifestyle built around the car and the trappings of suburbia, it's time to redefine our way of life".... Tracey Hanes; the Toronto star June 2006 www.thestar.com

Recent economic factors as well as the planet's reaction to 'consumerism at all cost' may oddly enough be the forces that contribute to an improving quality of life for people in southern Ontario. People are starting to look at their decision making; albeit out of necessity, and are choosing time with family, choosing to conserve; are looking at reducing emissioms and are able to work 'online' from desireable communities with quality of life sometimes in lieu of the former percieved quality of services.

Realtors in fact are becoming green not as a fad but to provide a desired service. The "green agent's"  organization www.nagab.org has offered designations and valuable training both as response to market demand and also as a sense of responsibility to the environment.

This blog is titled "Quinte's time has come". The region around the bay of Quinte does offer access to the 401; if absolutely necessary. More than that Quinte offers opportunity for a 'purposeful' lifestyle; a place where community and individuality meet. Growing or shopping for fresh produce, operating a home based businesses, community volunteerism, or simply taking a walk;  the list goes on, the new migrate to rural Ontario is finding a 'life that can sync with their interests. Now, though, people are 'active' articipants to these life interests.  

The author www.billrorabeck.com has seen the Quinte area evolve from a place to vacation to the place to live. Come see; at the end of your first day you will feel that "you have arrived". A good start to that  day is found on  http://www.tastetrail.ca/tourroute.html .

Its as if we have now come alive ; consumerism is being seen for what it was an addictive but constrictive way of life; it a being  replaced by an awareness to all our environments; physical and social Or as Avi Freiedman of McGill University (www.mcgill.ca)  has said: "we are not in an economic downturn; its been our wake-up call"

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