The Prince Edward County wind Turbine battle... is being waged by the wrong generation.

In Prince Edward county a line has been drawn between those in favour of the turbines and those against.

Those in favour, have supported  'this green energy alternative right from the start'. Although, not exclusively,  they tend to be family members of the original county settlers.

Those opposed  are newbies, people who have invested into the county as either a place to 'now' live or a place to do their business. These opponents are branded withNIMBYism. They predominantly do not like the turbines because of  either their unsightly appearance or the potential threat to their investment , "property values". 

 The persistence and quality  of the presentations  by the opponents  is excellent. They are at a stage in life to have resources, more personal  time, experience and as such 'voice'.  The problem is that we are not hearing from the right voices; those of the people who will have to live within the 'effects of' our legacy.

With respect to the main issue, property value, their is no substantive evident to support any of the arguments for or against the turbines. Another fear, that, turbines might have a negative effect on our tourist industry is equally debatable. However, for sake of an argument, though, let's say that properties values were adversely affected. That 'still unlikely, concern still may not be significant to the under 40 generation; they are trying to find jobs, buy their first homes, and they are concerned about our habitat. The world has changed and the next generation will have to live under new rules, with less opportunity and within the added constraints of cleaning up after us.

Our generation is good at debating the options and pontificating on the  solutions; the younger generation may want us to act, starting now. Wind turbines are a step in the right direction.   




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