William rocks! 

We started off, as a couple that didn't know what we were getting into. We had assumed that we would be able to find a house ourselves with the use of websites and ads, with an occasional open house. Our first interaction with William came when we viewed a house in a less than desirable area on a rainy miserable day. We didn't know William and we didn't know the area. William showed us around no problem and gave us a straightforward, honest opinion of the property including what we should put in as an offer. As first time buyers we had no experience with realtors and his advice exceeded expectations and open our eyes as to what we needed to be looking for in a house and highlighted stuff we had not considered. 

Having come from 'old school' families, asking our parents their opinion on the house and what they thought a reasonable offer would be as important to us. We went in lower than what William recommended and we lost the house. It was a blessing in disguise in the end as it turned out the area wasn't great, but damn William was bang on for what the house sold for, and if we had listened to him then it would have been ours (probably to our displeasure down the line). After our first interaction we did continue to try and view houses on our own time via ads and open houses but when houses in Kingston get 30 viewings a day, and are sold before they can get the sign on the lawn we were having an impossible time especially as one of us was located outside the city. And time was running out.

After several failures we emailed William back asking him to work with us.  He agreed. We later found out that he had been hesitant to work with us since we hadn’t listen to him on the suggestions on the first house. However, after he got to know us and as we got to know him, he narrowed down our options and began to figure out what we wanted and what would be a good fit for us. Our price range made it very difficult in such a demanding market, but we powered on looking at 'decent' houses in good areas. We also looked at some really bad houses (but how could we know without looking). As the time crunch became more pressing and moving dates approached for a new job position, every weekend was filled with several house viewings. We even visited William’s house for inspiration and ideas as to what a young couple could do with a house and few dollars for restoration. 

This lead to our first real offer on a place that could be renovated into our dream house and for a nice profit. However, we ended up being jerked around by the sellers (who didn't seem like they wanted to sell) but William did his best to try and get that deal through for us. Unfortunately, our deal got rejected and the realtor who was selling that house was super uncooperative. Our frustration was at a high now and finding a place seemed almost impossible especially with the time restraint closing in. But William powered on with showings after showing until one sunny afternoon. We had a long list of places to see that day, but William wanted to just "check this one place out". It was a little bit more than our budget allowed but after so many viewings, what was one more. This was the turning point when everything started to happen SO much faster than we could have ever imagined. This house was fantastic and unbelievable and way better than anything we had seen thus far. We did the tour, we said "oh my god" several times. Distinctly, I remember William saying "you guys, call you parents and your friends and get some extra cash to buy this place!?!" in amazement at this property (He even said he wanted to buy it himself!). We continued on our viewings that afternoon evermore disappointed with the houses that we saw as we continually compared them to that first beauty. At this point we knew we had to jump on it before it was too late, like so many other houses before. 

We pulled the trigger only a few hours after seeing that house and took the plunge to make an offer. William got on the phone immediately to the selling agent. However, we couldn’t help notice how mad William got on the phone. We found out that the selling agent had not only been representing the seller of the house, but also had an offer on the house he was representing. How can we buy a house from someone who also wanted the house? A hypothetical scenario where he see's our offer, and offers one dollar more. This results in more profit for the seller, and completely screws us over. William was not impressed and we felt sad, as it seemed an impossible task of getting the house we wanted. Luckily, William through his years of experience in the business knew the way to defeat this selling agent. We arranged to present our offer directly to the seller himself. The agent would never see it until the seller agreed to accept or decline. This sounded like a great idea until you hear the kicker. We are only going to give the seller an unconditional offer that would expire minutes before his previous offer from his own agent.

So the clock was ticking now, the deal expired at 6pm, and it was 5pm. We got to William’s house and he got straight onto the computer to frantically type out an offer. The arms of the clock seemed to be flying around the clock, 20 minutes felt like 20 seconds and the pressure was building (we even stepped in to help with the typing!). The excitement built as William dictated to us what we needed to type into the deal. Paper was flying out of the printer! We were rapidly signing papers and shoving them back into the scanner! With minutes to spare we sent it to the seller's personal email. How many minutes did we have to spare? 15? maybe more? But not many. After that rush to get the offer sent we sat on William’s patio, beers in hand but damn we were nervous. 6pm passed and the anticipation was growing. His offer had expired and so had ours. All we wanted to know was had it been accepted and signed in time? We wait and had a drink. Then, Williams phone rings. It was the selling agent with news, and William passed some playful words back and forth. Finally we hear the deal is done and the house is ours! We couldn't believe the events of the last few hours. We cheered and celebrate our literal down to the wire victory.

Looking back on our experience, William helped us immensely and went way beyond his job role. He is the first person we recommend to people who need to buy or sell a house as he knows his stuff, he knows the market, he knows houses, and he can make one hell of a bully deal! We are grateful for everything he did for us and we look forward to buying or selling a house with him in the future.

Alex and Collette


It is said that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. So if you want a house, call William. He is a busy person, with a busy personality and he will work tirelessly for you. He talks fast, thinks faster and will always have your best interests in mind. He truly listened to what we wanted and we got along very well.

From the beginning we knew William was the right realtor for us. Coming from Toronto, he understood that we wanted to get away from the hustle of the city and find a country home within our means.

Not only did he help us, he educated us on the market, took extra time to book us viewings, answer our questions, and he was our personal tour guide for memorable country home tours. Multiple times we navigated the country roads to view four or five houses in one evening. He never made us feel like we inconvenienced him and even when we got lost together it was a fun adventure. 

I'm writing this while sitting in my new country house! I can't help but smile while I look out to our gardens, think of the meals I will make in this kitchen and dream about all the memories we will have in our perfect home.

Thank you William for listening to our needs, educating us and questioning us so we were responsible buyers and for tirelessly working for us so we could buy our dream home. We are truly grateful for your hard work.

Amanda & David


We had found a place we liked, browsing the internet from our temporary, rented accommodation, in south west Ontario.

We hadn’t yet met William, but he replied to our inquiry immediately.  Before we knew it, he had several similar country properties available for us to view, in the two-day visit we planned to spend in the Kingston area, making the trip more worthwhile.

We liked William straight away!  He is so enthusiastic, with an abundance of energy and a passion for his work (even when suffering with a nasty cold!)  Nothing was too much trouble and William remained in close contact with us throughout negotiations, legalities and finalizing our purchase.

But William has continued to go above-and-beyond for us.  He has maintained documentation, preparing against potential difficulties, as we embarked on an unusual modification in relocation logistics.

William is an incredibly generous and thoughtful person, proactively sharing the bounty of our joined successes, and becoming a friend, as business meetings transformed into social gatherings with those of us connected through this rather unique situation.

As Real Estate Agents go, William Taylor is simply head-and-shoulders above any we have met before!  We are originally from England and with more than thirty house-moves endured, that’s a lot of real-estate-agent experience!

Jo and Jim White


My husband and I have only lived in Toronto for 1.5 years. Being fairly new to the city and having rented only one property in the Yonge/Eglinton area we really didn't know where we wanted to live, or where we could afford to live. We spent a couple of months attending open houses throughout the city on our own, but quickly realized we were missing out by not having an agent. At one particular open house we met William Taylor, the selling agent for the property. We were the first to show up so we chatted with him and immediately appreciated his honesty; we also immediately noticed how much he enjoyed his job. We were so impressed that we set up a meeting with him a couple of weeks later. During that meeting he took us to a property we had expressed interest in and did a thorough "walk through" of the exterior and interior of the property. He taught us how to obtain a proper first impression of a house and neighborhood in just a few minutes - we learned so much! He set up a "tour" for the following weekend and we spent approximately 6 hours viewing a dozen homes from Bloor West Village to the Beaches. At the end of a long day there were 2 properties that had really caught our attention, so he arranged for second viewings on the spot so that we could revisit them before calling it a day and going home to think about it.

After a few short weeks and a couple of rounds of "tours" we narrowed down neighborhoods and felt like we really knew the city well. We experienced a few multiple offer situations and "lost the war", but William remained positive and completely committed to finding us the perfect house UNDER budget. He absolutely would not let us pay more for a home then it was worth - we feel this really paid off in the end. After returning from vacation (William continued to watch listings while we were gone and update us on the selling price of properties we had already viewed) William told us about a couple of properties he thought we would be really interested in. We quickly fell in love with one of the properties (located in our preferred neighborhood) and we were able to purchase it (under budget!!) without getting into a multiple bidding situation. William was able to suggest a home inspector and lawyer to help with the purchase and we have not been disappointed on either front. We have not yet moved into the house, but William keeps in touch to make sure we're on track, excited (he is equally excited, it is obvious he loves nothing more then matching his clients with the perfect home!), and just to see how we're doing.

We would absolutely recommend William to anyone looking to buy a home in the GTA; he has exceeded our expectations and we feel like we have made a new friend in a city where we know few people. We already plan on taking advantage of his home renovation knowledge and contacts in the future, and will definitely use his services for our next home purchase (which unfortunately for him won't be soon as he did such a tremendous job the first time!). Thanks again William - you rock!

Natasha and Adam


We would like to tell you about our positive experience in choosing William Taylor to act as our listing and buying realtor.

We decided to start the search for a new home. It was a difficult decision since we wanted something larger than what we currently owned, but we also had a limit on what our budget allowed. We started our search by visiting open houses in our desired area. We met William at one of the open houses. We were immediately impressed. William was easy to speak with, and appeared quite knowledgeable about the market. We were avoiding the search for an agent because during our first home buying experience we had difficulty in finding someone we felt comfortable with. We decided to ask him to work with us, and we weren’t disappointed.

The search for our new home took place in a rather competitive sellers market. William was able to ground us during this stressful time. During home viewing he picked up on details about the construction of the home and provided information about market rates in the area to allow us to make an informed decision about potential bidding strategies. He never pushed us to consider a home beyond our means. Most importantly, he helped us maintain a sense of hope when we didn’t get a couple of homes that were of interest. This was helpful to us, because at points you feel like stretching your budget and bidding way over market price just to get the process over with! Case in point. The home we eventually purchased was a home with multiple offers. We were willing to bid way over the list price just to secure the deal. On the day they accepted offers, William took us on a tour of new listings to show us that there were other similar homes on the market and that it was not worth overpaying for this particular home. William did not have to do this. It was not financially in William’s interest to curb our enthusiasm for the home, yet he felt the home was worth losing rather than overpaying for it. Other agents would not have done this and let us overbid (it both closes the deal and secures a slightly higher commission for the agent). In the end we won the bidding war at a price lower than what we thought we would have to pay (and would have paid).

When it came to the next stressful stage of getting our home ready for listing William again showed great skill. He offered cost effective suggestions that would make our home more marketable. We trusted him to use listing strategies that would get us a fair price on our home, and we surpassed our expectations! Again, he was there to keep us calm through the process.

Overall, William made a very stressful experience a happy, supportive one. He was in constant communication with us, and made himself available to us. We would definitely recommend William’s services, and would use his services again ourselves.


Laurie and Fabrizio


It has been several weeks now since Amy and I moved into our new home, and now that we are settled in we would like to take the opportunity to share some of our experiences, in the hopes that they may help others who are now in the same situation that we were in when we entered the real estate market.

Amy and I had dipped our feet into the market before this, but had come out of it so frustrated and disillusioned that it was years before we again got serious about looking to purchase a new home. At first, this time around, things were starting to look no better than last time. In fact, it became immediately clear that while the real estate market was hot, the overwhelming benefactors of this were the sellers, while unseasoned first-time buyers like Amy and I were very much like goldfish set loose in a shark tank.

The turning point for us came when I read an article in a newspaper that made reference to Buyers’ Agents, agents who are supposed to work on behalf of the buyer, looking out for the best interests of the buyer rather than the seller. After a bit of online research, we called up three different Agents who referred to themselves as Buyers’ Agents. One never got back to us. The second simply put us on an email list. The third person we called was William Taylor of ReMax. Right away he made an appointment with us, and a short time later we were at his office discussing what it was we wanted and how he could help us achieve our goals.

There is no doubt in my mind that meeting William was the single most important step for us in the path that eventually led to purchasing our home. First and foremost, William has an intangible quality in that he clearly enjoys his job, and he helps you to enjoy the experience of finding the right house as well.

Perhaps one of the most valuable things we came out of this experience with is an understanding of what to look for in the structure of the house, outside and in, and also what to look for in the surrounding neighbourhood, things that will not only determine how much money we will need to put into the house, but will also effect its resale value, not to mention our own enjoyment of it.

As an agent, he has access to MLS listings before they are posted to the public MLS site, and which contain more details than those on the public site. He combed through this information and created customized listings for us of places that he knew would meet and even exceed our goals. Another important quality of William’s is his in depth knowledge of areas of the city we did not even know existed, hidden pockets of houses that we would never have otherwise looked at, including the one that we ended up purchasing.

When it came time to start considering and placing offers, William was quite shrewd and helped to make it clear to us when a house was deliberately under priced to stimulate multiple-bid situations which we were not in any position to involve ourselves in, versus those that he felt had more inherent value while at the same time remaining pliable to offers lower than the asking price.

As far as writing up the offers, he took care of the details for us, and even referred us to a house inspector and a lawyer. In fact, he helped us right up through to the point where the keys to the house were handed over to us, ensuring that the seller (a rather crotchety old seller/agent who really did not appear to like the fact that William seemed to be getting the better of her) lived up to her end of the agreement. Finally, he was the first person to come over to visit us at the house afterwards, champagne in hand!

In conclusion, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, Amy and I agree that finding William was the key to our successful and enjoyable experience as first-time buyers in the Real Estate market. Without the insight he provided us with, the tours he took us on, and the assistance he provided in getting a deal done, we would have ended up at best pulling out of the market empty handed and jaded, or, at worst, buying into a house that we shouldn’t have. As it stands, we are incredibly pleased with the results, which, I should add, not only did not cost us a penny more than if we had gone through the process alone, but quite the contrary, likely saved us a significant amount of money, both in terms of the actual price we ended up having accepted, and in the long term, resale value of the home.

Mark & Amy


Thank-you very much for all your hard work that you did selling our house. Without a doubt you are the most professional real-estate agent we've ever come across. Your honesty and experience actually made a stressful experience fun. There is no question in our minds that you earned every penny of your commission and that we received the best return we could have.

Matthew & Tammy


We met William Taylor at an open house where the seller was asking far too much for a property that needed a lot of upgrades. He intrigued us by acknowledging that the house was overpriced for entry-level buyers and by further elaborating on the insanity of the Toronto market in general. He impressed us with his candor, saying that many agents trying to get you to buy a house are willing to say market forces are distorting real value of property.

The deal was sealed when we went to meet him at his office and he explained that for our price we were going to end up with a tarpaper shack or something in a crack neighborhood if we insisted on looking in the hottest parts of the East York market (desirable for its street life and access to subway). It wasn’t just that he was honest, it’s that he laughed and joked and made us feel better about being a middle-sized buyer in a market where only whales can get the choice properties (for 20, 40, 60 or 80,000 over asking price). William actually enjoys his job, and even though there’s a lot of stress involved in the whole process, William makes you enjoy it too.

That said, working with William is a joy because he knows what the hell he’s doing. Two of our previous agents wasted our already finite time with trips to houses that were not at all right for us, or to houses that would end up going well above our asking price. We discovered that accurate predictions of the behavior of other bidders would be just as crucial as knowing if the house had good parking or a quiet street. William had several predictions on our house: that the house wouldn’t receive many offers up front because it was listed too high, that the seller would come down if we went in low but not insultingly low, and that this neighborhood was undiscovered by the voracious hordes stalking East York. He was right on all counts: we got our new house for $10,000 less than asking price (and $40,000 less than a similar property in E3) and other houses in our neighborhood are now listing for even more money (likely we could sell it tomorrow and make money).

William is smart, tough, hard-working and vigilant: he found us our house in less than three days; it was ours in 10. I’m really not kidding when I say the first house he showed us was head-and-shoulders above anything we’d seen up until then and for a better price. That’s right, we were in the market for 5 months, and when we went with William the long nightmare ended almost immediately. How can I oversell reality? The man knows what he is doing.

For all of you who want to be in the market but think you’re insane to even try with prices the way they are, I suggest spending a little time with William. Not only is there a house for you, with William you’ll have a good time making it yours.

Shane & Stephanie


We decided to buy our first home in March and began to orient ourselves with the process by searching on M.L.S. and emailing agents for additional information about properties that we were interested in. William was the only agent who followed up with us on one of those emails and he inquired whether we needed additional guidance with our search. He never asked to be our agent, simply if we wanted a quick education about the process of buying a home.

After meeting with William, we were delighted by his gregarious personality, his great sense of humor and his desire to improve our real-estate knowledge so that we could make an educated decision on a home. Based on our newfound comfort level with him, we decided to work with William as our real estate agent.

William helped us establish our criteria for a home purchase and regularly sent us real estate summaries of homes that he felt would meet our needs. Throughout our search, William had an uncanny knack for playing the role that we needed him to play at any given time. He was the chief critic when we became too emotionally attached to a property, the cheerleader that helped re-energize us after we lost out on our first offer, and an incredibly patient supporter when we went weeks without finding anything that we were interested in.

When it came to finally buying our home, William was intent on ensuring that we paid the right price for our house and he shared in our excitement when the deal was completed. Since then, William has remained available to us for questions, advice and contacts.

Overall, William made the purchase of our first home a fantastic experience and we would highly recommend William to anyone looking to for a home.


Eric and Jennifer


We used William Taylor for the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home both located in "the beach." We were very pleased on both counts.

On the buy side, William delivered a level of service that went well beyond the call of duty. It was an estate sale with a difficult executor and an unprofessional agent. We were able to purchase the house for a fair price solely because of William's determination and his fine-tuned negotiating skills. Because of his efforts with our purchase, we asked William to sell our old home. The house listed for more than $750,000 and we were concerned about attracting the right prospective buyers. To advertise and market our home, William employed his full strength along with a number of his own unique promotional tools. Again, we were very pleased with the results: Our house sold for 98% of its asking price.

William has a strong sense of a property's real worth. He is patient, well informed, and persuasive. He's a genuinely nice guy. These qualities all work to your advantage whether you're buying or selling. We would not hesitate to recommend William. If you would like a personal reference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kris & Andy


We called William Taylor because he has a kind face. My husband and I had been thinking about buying a house for months- we’d been browsing through local real estate magazines every weekend- and William was always on the second page, smiling, from a thumbnail photograph. When we got serious about our search, we asked friends for referrals for real estate agents and started making calls. My husband decided to call the "nice guy in the photograph" too. He was the only agent we called without a referral. On our way out of William’s office after our meeting, we’d already decided that William was exactly what we were looking for. Though all of the agents we contacted seemed capable, knowledgeable and had solid referrals, William was the only one who stood out.

William Taylor is friendly, outgoing and energetic. He loves his job and he’s unrepentantly enthusiastic about it. He possesses a reassuring mix of knowledge and intuition and knows that the decision to bid on a house has to be an emotional and pragmatic one. He told us, "When you find the house that’s right for you, you’ll know it. I’m just here to make sure you don’t pay too much for it." After we went over our wish list with him, (full of vague adjectives like "cozy" and "charming") he nodded, and immediately started listing streets and neighborhoods that he thought might appeal to us.

We had the dubious distinction of falling in love with, and bidding on, the first house we saw. William guided us through the process, described similar situations with previous clients and reassured us with his perspective and humor. We didn’t get that first house- we were up against nine other bidders- but William took us to see three more houses the next day, to help us get over the loss, and to show us that there were lots more houses to consider. One week, and twenty one houses later, we saw that cozy and charming house that had, until that point, existed only in our imaginations. We’d done our part: we’d found the house that was right for us. Now it was William’s turn to make sure we didn’t pay too much for it. From home inspectors to the fine points of negotiation, William handled everything with great charm, confidence and skill. He never made us feel like we were asking too much of him. Though the learning curve was steep William answered all of our questions with patience and enthusiasm. He’s a great people person and he loves to help people learn.

Less than two weeks from the day we met him for the first time, William secured our house for us, and did it under the list price. What more, really, could a buyer require?

Thanks, William. (We’ll have that little fireplace roaring by Christmas!)

Adrienne & Bryon


Dear William, I wanted to express my gratitude for all your work during the purchase of my house and extend my congratulations to you on your professionalism and representation.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with various Real Estate representatives, and I must say, have never come across such dedication and enthusiasm. Being a single purchaser, I feel that I have relied on you through the purchase process in greater extent than most of your clients, and appreciated you dedicating yourself to simplifying my role. You pre-viewing of the properties and feedback were extremely valuable to me and I learned to trust you entirely on the homes you selected for my viewing. Of equal capacity, your role in handling the offer conditions and details is to be admired. You sure kept me on my toes!

Needless to say, I hope you will be willing to play an equal part in any future Real Estate endeavors my life might bring and hope that I have your permission to recommend you to my acquaintances and friends.

Keep up the good work!




Dear William, thanks for all your dedication, honesty and commitment during the past few months. It made the task of house hunting for us novices a much easier and enjoyable experience than it would have otherwise been. It is a big milestone for us and with your experience, expertise and guidance we were able to commit to a property which suited our family the most. We will surely enjoy working with you in the future.

Kind Regards,

Marcel, Rachael and the kids


I had the pleasure of acquiring William Taylor as an agent through the recommendation of my uncle. I was living in the Niagara region and looking to purchase a home in Toronto. My time was limited, the market was out of control and I was also limited financially. I met with William and told him what I was looking for, explaining my financial and time availability situation. He was ever patient and understanding. He kept me constantly informed as to new houses that went on the market, allowing me the time for their perusal and never once trying to force me to buy anything that I did not fancy. I did lose a couple houses along the way due to the bidding wars but I did eventually find my home and am extremely happy with it. I would highly recommend William to find your home for you. He has a keen understanding of the industry and works extremely hard to meet your needs no matter how big or small they are.

If I were to buy or sell another house in the future, I will not hesitate in calling William.



To whom it may concern; I called William one afternoon, after noticing a house that was for sale in the local Beach paper. Unfortunately the house was sold. He told me he had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for and said he would be in touch. Within a couple of days we started house hunting.

I was very specific on the type of house I was looking for. I was definitely on a budget, wanted a certain location, along with certain features the house HAD to have. I wondered if I was asking for too much?

He found for me, this charming little house, that had absolutely everything I was looking for. A wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, with an awesome backyard and more. I remember him calling me while viewing it, and said he was "standing in my house"..... his enthusiasm was amazing!

It is my little retreat……thanks William, for finding me such a wonderful place to call home.


William Taylor SR

William Taylor SR

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