Well, not many would argue the fact that things are changing in our region. But does this mean the market has fallen? NO. Properties are still being actively listed and sold (usually within 30-45 days DOM).

Interest rates have never been better and we all should know by now that nothing remains the same for very long in our area. Many agents, and their clients, have been used to seeing huge price increases that keep climbing higher and higher. But these kinds of increases cannot be sustained for long. And before you know it, we are facing another market correction. Our region is simply encountering a more 'normal' market. This is good news for both home buyers and sellers. It's time to relax and settle into a more even-paced market.

I'm excited for the housing forecast for 2015. So, if you are tired of hearing negativity on the news and in the streets, I'd be happy to talk to you about our coming 2015 market. For Sellers, this means we can engage some creative marketing strategies. For Buyers, this means lower mortgage payments and a little less frenzy while shopping for your new home.

It's time to have fun again!

Yvette Dempster

Yvette Dempster

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