Ready, Set, Go!

The weather is beautiful in Drayton Valley and area, with the sun shining and melting feet of snow. Yes, we have had our fair share of the white stuff in these parts and I,personally, am ready to see it go. Funny thing though, with the sun shining these last few days and the warmer temps, I have seen more kids outside playing than I did in the early part of winter when the snow was fresh and exciting. I guess the sun does that.

We even had a family of moose living in our subdivision and often they could be seen lying in our back yard; the only living creatures tall enough to wade through the deep snow without sinking neck high. Ahhh, yes. Even though I have enjoyed the white blanket which covers even the ugliest of sights I am now ready for the green.

Well, take a few long sniffs of the air which still holds the sting of winter and prepare  for the onsought of mud slingers as you make your way through town and along the highways...stock up on windshield washer fluid. You really won't enjoy having to pull over and wash your dirty windshield with a handfull of mucky snow if you run out of fluid.

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