The H1N1 Scare....

Everywhere you go there are bottles of hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes and tons of discussion about H1N1 aka 'swine flu.' Discussion on whether or not to receive the vaccination abounds on almost everyone's Wall on Facebook.

So when you are faced with buying or selling a home how do you avoid coming into contact with this illness? Real Estate Brokerages and other businesses are taking precautions when it comes to dealing with the public. Surface areas are wiped with anti-bacterial wipes regularily and every desk has a bottle of hand-sanitizer. We are all taking the same precautions as everyone else but at the same time we are not 'going over board' and fueling the fear which seems so prevalent right now.

It is safe to either buy or sell a home right now. It is as safe as going to the grocery store or anywhere else in public. A lot of people have already experienced some strain of it and no one is going to be able to avoid it completely. So if we put it into the proper perspective, we can deal with it in stride and not provoke people to fear unduly.

So, shop till your heart's content!

Yvette Dempster

Yvette Dempster

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