Sold $70K Above The Listing Price In 3 Day’s!!!!!

We recently SOLD our home in the community of Westminster/Branson Plum Treeway townhouse located around Bathurst & Finch area with Alex Macale. 

We met Alex for the first time when he was door knocking the area and he introduced himself to us as a Filipino realtor that specializes in the area.

At that time we do not have plans in selling so we kept his contact information until one day an opportunity came and we decided to sell our property.

In the beginning before we signed the paper to list our property we are very clueless because it is our first time selling a house and we didn’t know what to expect. He showed us his plan and strategy how he is going to sell our house but at first we had doubt because we are skeptical if it is going to work out for our benefit.

He said he is going to list it just below market value in order to get the maximum return which we found really odd in the beginning but in a short story we trusted his instinct and listed our house in the market anyway.

To our surprised our house did actually SOLD $70K above listing price and above our price expectation in 3 days! So we were very very happy about it and we’re glad that we hired Alex to represent us in selling our house.

Our advice for people thinking of selling a house is to hire a knowledgeable realtor like Alex regardless of the cost. He understand the area and the real estate market very well! He helped us negotiate with the buyers by removing all the “condition” and most importantly he got us the price we wanted. See our video testimonial on http://on.fb.me/1FNYQjo

Lucy & Family – North York, ON.


It Was A Challenge But We Finally Did It!

We first called Alex for initial consultation to see what he could do for us. Initially we weren’t planning to use him as our realtor because we already have someone in mind within our community – In the Spanish community- somebody whom we can trust but because he was referred to us we set up an appointment with him anyway.  

During our initial consultation we were asked a series of hard questions that at first we thought it’s very repetitive but at the end we realized the reason behind it and that is to find out the highest version of ourselves and to identify our goals and wants.

Being a car salesman I know all the lines a salesperson use and to our surprised Alex was so different he asked insightful and thought provoking question far different from a traditional sales approach. He was honest and speaks from the heart!  

He was very patient and listens to our needs and wants. He was easy to talk to and always ready to understand his clients point of view. 

One thing that I learned from his real estate trademark is his By Referral philosophy.

He said “If you do good things the chances are you have about 50% chance that others will introduce you to a next person and it’s true we introduced him to our friends and to my sister who just recently used him as their realtor.

Being a first time home buyer is intimidating it’s a lot of work behind it, you have to do your own homework to make sure you find a right house but it becomes easier if you have someone like Alex who can guide you.

To make story short Alex stepped in and did exactly what he promised – In less than a month after we started - we got our dream house! Watch our video testimonial on: http://on.fb.me/1I9se4E

Christian & Beth – Markham, ON.


We Finally Got Our Dream House…

We met Alex through my brother Christian who was recently his client. We heard a lot of good things about him and his services towards his client. In the beginning we didn’t know him in person and we were just relying on the information that was being told to us.

Being a girl I was more picky than Sam and I know exactly the house that I wanted and most importantly I would not settle for less. Also due to my busy schedule being a flight attendant we have a time frame to find a house. So at the beginning I didn’t know how Alex would have to deal with us and accommodate our demanding schedule. But we still gave it a shot…

We set up a schedule with Alex for our first initial consultation and to find out more about his services. To our surprised he asked tough but intelligent questions. A question that we struggled to answer but was designed to find out about the highest version of ourselves. 

He went through series of scenarios and prepared us to what to expect as we move forward searching for our dream home.

He was very knowledgeable about real estate and he was able to answer our entire question including the explanation of a legal contract in the Agreement of Purchase of Sale in a language that we can understand.

We particularly impressed about his leadership skills and his ability to negotiate in favor of our behalf. To make story short he was able to find us the house that we dream of within 3 weeks. If we were to rate his services from scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest we will give his service a TEN! See our video testimonial on http://on.fb.me/1N6YVLT

Vanessa & Sam – Brampton, ON.


Bidding War Is The New Trend In Real Estate…

Our experience buying a house for the first time was that it was not easy as what it seems. You need to do your homework and need to be very patient.

Houses that seem price too good to be true are only a trap and setup for disappointment. We were told by our friends and family members that we should always start off our offer below asking price to get the maximum bang for our buck although this may work back in the 80’s and 90’s, in today’s real estate trend this theory no longer works as most realtor tend to price the home very low to attract bidding wars. 

In the beginning we always put our offer below asking price despite of our realtor advised. Alex told us every time that our offer will get rejected and we are just going to waste our time putting an offer but we still tried it to prove our intuition wrong. To our surprised each and every time we put an offer we never win and the market value that Alex told us the house will sell was exact value all houses we put an offer got sold for.

He was very knowledgeable when it comes to real estate and most importantly he understands our situation. Having a realtor like him that has a good personality and can negotiate on your behalf did help a lot. Alex was able to spot home that was priced below market value and was able to informed us properly before we can make a proper decision. Having somebody like him did save us a lot of time and headache. He was also able to negotiate with the sellers agent on our behalf that resulted in a win/win situation for us.

We were so impressed that Alex was able to bring together the sellers and their agent to achieve a win/win situation for us. 

Alex was such a likeable person that made our transaction very easy and smooth from the beginning to the end. See our video testimonial on http://on.fb.me/1T1Ztr2

Mark & Paula – Clarington, ON.





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