Is there a good or bad time to sell my house?


This is definitely one of the most frequent questions I'm asked as a Realtor: "When is the right time to put my house on the market? Is there really a "bad" time to sell?".

There isn't a cut and dry answer to these questions. Each Seller has a unique set of circumstances and unique motivating factors behind wanting to sell their home. You may be relocating for a job. Or trying to factor in your kids' school schedules. Maybe you've found your dream home and want to make an offer on it. There are so many different factors in determining what is the "right" time for each individual family to sell their home. What is important to one person may not even be a consideration for another.

That being said, the Real Estate market is like anything else. We do see annual fluctuations throughout the year. In the Spring, we see a higher number of listings come on the market, and with that, more active Buyers looking for their next home or investment. But of course, this also means there's more competition. This can be both positive and negative, again depending on your circumstances. Some Buyers will avoid the busy season for fear of having to compete over a home. Depending on your property, your best Buyer just might be in December when statistically listings tend to be slower. A quieter market doesn't make it a "bad" time to sell if that time of the year is right for you.

A house that is priced correctly will always have the "right" Buyer.

Which of course leads us to the most important factor when deciding when to sell your home... Sitting down with a professional REALTOR. Sitting down with a Sales Representative and discussing your motivations and concerns will help you answers all these questions, from pricing to marketing, and ultimately the best time to sell your home.

Andrew McCrea

Andrew McCrea

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