Alexandra Park Revitalization

Alexandra Park is a neighbourhood located in downtown TorontoOntarioCanada. Alexandra Park is bounded by Dundas Street West on the north, Spadina Avenue on the east, Queen Street West on the south, and Bathurst Street on the west.[1] Alexandra Park consists of private and public housing, with at grade retail along Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue, some institutional, and several commercial buildings scattered through the neighborhood. The neighborhood takes its name from Alexandra Park, a municipal park at the south-east corner of Dundas Street West and Bathurst Street. The park is named for Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII, the first future monarchs to visit Toronto.

Alexandra Park is being transformed into a mixed-income, mixed-use neighbourhood through a 15-year, 2-phase revitalization. This is Toronto Community Housing's first revitalization in partnership with an independent housing co-operative. 

The planned revitalization involves:


  • Demolition and replacement of 333 townhouses and apartment units
  • Refurbishment of 473 apartment units, and
  • The addition of 1,540 new market condominium and townhouse units.


The revitalization will connect Atkinson/Alexandra Park to the surrounding community by introducing new connector streets and green spaces, including a new public park. The revitalization is committed to supporting and strengthening the sense of community among Atkinson/Alexandra Park residents by providing social and economic development opportunities and new community facilities.


Phase One

Toronto Community Housing has selected Tridel Builders as the development partner for the first phase of development in Atkinson/Alexandra Park. Tridel was awarded the opportunity to work with TCH to construct and develop two condominium buildings and 61 rent-geared-to-income (RGI) replacement rental townhouses that will be managed by the Atkinson Housing Co-operative.

Phase One is a 5-acre (2.02 hectare) site that is located at the southern end of Atkinson/Alexandra Park. Because of TCHC's commitment to providing "zero displacement" during revitalization, Phase One has been divided into two sub-phases (phase 1a and phase 1b). The sub-phasing reduces the number of units demolished at one time and the number of residents that will be relocated.

Phase 1 as a whole will include the demolition of 85 existing RGI units, the replacement of 61 of those RGI units, and the refurbishment of 139 existing units. It will also introduce new streets and improved east-west pedestrian connections.


Two award-winning Toronto-based architects have been chosen to design the residential buildings in Phase One.

Replacement rental townhomes

The Alexandra Park community helped select the architects for the Toronto Community Housing/Atkinson Housing Co-op replacement rental townhomes. Following a competitive interview process involving three local architectural firms, Levitt Goodman Architects was chosen by the Alexandra Park Residents Association, Toronto Community Housing, the Atkinson Co-op Board, and the Revitalization Working Group. All groups involved in the selection process agreed that Levitt Goodman's progressive, sensitive designs and client-based approach best suited the needs of the community.


Toronto Community Housing and Tridel chose Teeple Architects to design the two market condominiums. Teeple Architects' commitment to architectural innovation, sustainability, and environmentally conscious design made them the perfect candidate to take on a design challenge of this magnitude.


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