March Break Family New Fun!

Escape rooms is the new fun place to go!  A few weeks ago I went to a place called iEscaped with a few friends on a Friday night and it is what you call an escape room.  I had no idea what to expect!  It was AMAZING!  You and your friends all enter a room which has a theme.  The theme we went into was called Space.  The objective of the game is for you and your friends to solve clues, think outside of the box, communicate to find answers to escape into a space shuttle to start the engine.  These games are designed to help you work together as a team to challenge yourself while having an amazing time and use your brain while you are racing against the clock.  You have 45 minutes to solve the clues or else you will lose.  If you finish within 45 mintues you win and they take a picture of you and place it on their wall of fame.  If you lose, wall of shame!  I was on the wall of shame =)  Even now going there twice, still very hard to explain what exactly you do there.  I see people go there with a whole family.  I think it's a perfect family event to do during March Break. As per the owners kids 10 and over can play by themselves.   I see on their website a lot of people actually goes as a family.  My friend she brought her daughter to play with us and I think she had a blast too!  I will be going back again for sure.  More info

Here are some videos from their website.  One is a trailer and one actually explains the place.  Hope you and family will enjoy this as much as I did.

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