People Who Brunch

Mmmmm brunch!  Has to be my favorite combination of meals!  Our lovely city offers a great variety of yummy places to try the nex time you are ready to brunch!  Here are a few of my faves:




Got to be top of my list!  If you haven't been here yet, go now!  Try the Mushroom Chilaquiles.


Kum Koon Garden

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Who doesn't love Dim Sum!  I've been coming here since I was a kid and I always eat too much.  Pro tip: get there by 11am and ask to sit in the section with the lobster tanks, you'll get the food as soon as is comes out of the kitchen.


The Velvet Glove

Feeling fancy?  The Velvet Glove's breakfast is amazing and if you make it to their buffet even better,  have the banana bread french toast.  Then have a nap :)


The Nook

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Maybe you had a few too many the night before??  I love this hole in the wall place, the dishes don't match, the decor is dated, and the food is incredible.  Eggs Benedict all the way!


Now I want Brunch ;)

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