A Helping Hand For Ian Hanomansing

I was re-entering the conference hall a few minutes before the end of the afternoon break at the Calgary Real Estate Board's annual Forecast yesterday. A dark skinned dude about my height was rocking a really nice suit a few steps ahead of me: very dark grey with pinstripes, a light patterned shirt, and an agressively patterned tie. I already idolized this Harvey Spector figure.

The over zealous security guard at the hall's door stopped him dead in his tracks and asked to see his conference pass. My idol turned and I caught the first glimpse of his face. It was Ian Hanomansing from The National on CBC. He was the keynote speaker, taking the stage in a few minutes. And now he was scrammbling for words.

'Uh... I'm... actually... speaking...'

I jumped in and pointed at the sign of Ian Hanomansing's face two and half centemeters from the securty guard's bloated belly. 'He's the next speaker.'

'Ok, I'm sorry. Go ahead.'

'Thanks...' Still visibly confused.

'I'm Tim.' 

'I'm Ian... I guess you knew that...' 

We awkardly shook hands.

We made some more awkward chit chat and he found where he needed to go.

On TV he has remarkable presence. Every word delivered with a slight punch and every thought is crisp. He seems taller and broader. (We're actually the same size so Ian, if your reading this, can I borrow your suit?) It's always reassuring to know that when anyone is out of their element they become a bubbling mess in need of a little help.

His talk was thought provoking. He told powerfully real stories without taking a side. His answers to difficult and juvenile questions were nothing other than posed, composed, and confident alike. More on that in another blog.
I had a client email me yesterday. She is a first time home buyer, far from where she grew up. She's feeling overwhelmed by the home buying process: the contracts, the details of a mortgage, negotiations, and the magnitude of making such a large financial decision. She's out of her element. I get it.
Ian Hanomansing is in his element when he's delivering important information to the entire country every night. When's he's in a new city, just trying to find where the guy with his microphone and Tubby McMall-Cop asks to see his pass, it's overwhelming.
Buying a home might be the most stressful thing you ever do. That's why I'm here. I've written more contracts than I can count. I've seen mortgage approvals from numerous lenders. I get fired up when I'm negoating to get you the best deal. I've listened and guided close friends and almost strangers through the emotions of spending more money than they can comprehend. Or, I can just point to a sign if that's all you need.

My goal is to make buying your ideal home free of stress, easy to understand and, at times, even fun.