Our Top 5 Bakeries in YYC

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

A self-taught baker selling bread via bike delivery, Aviv Fried, has become a bit of sourdough celebrity here in Calgary. He’s part of what makes this city great, not just because his bread is off the hook (I dare you not to buy the cheese sticks/scones/croissants/cakes/squares/ALL THE BAKED GOODS!), but because he’s become a leader, a champion, a heartfelt contributor to building a strong Calgary community. (Read more about him here) They sell themselves as making extraordinary organic artisan sourdough, flaky lush pastries, titillating desserts, joyous, bright and bold food that will leave you delighted, excited and full. That pretty much sums it up. It’s worth traveling to the Simmons Building in the East Village no matter what neck of the woods you live in. ‘Nough said.


Alforno Bakery & Cafe

The most recent (and delicious) venture of the Teatro Group, Alforno offers freshly baked, house-made pastries and bread as well as brunch, lunch and dinner.  Alongside of their sustainable coffee programme, they feature a selection of artisan wine, beer and spirits that have been curated from the Teatro cellars. Situated in the heart of Eau Claire, their menu is chalked full of sweet, buttery baked goods and Italian classics to please everyone. We even hear they have a bike pump outside so you can pedal your way down for a bite and be in good hands.



Brûlée Patisserie

A patisserie specializing in beautiful, tempting desserts and maybe the most delicious cakes we’ve ever tried not to eat three pieces of *ahem* we digress…. Brûlée uses fresh (and seasonal as often as possible) fruit and flowers to flavor and adorn their unique creations. You can order ahead for special occasions (their ever-popular Lemon Cream cake was our wedding cake, just sayin’) or you can pop in to get your hands on pastries and cakes that will make your heart happy.


Glamorgan Bakery

Maybe most famous for their cheese buns, Glamorgan is the epitome of the neighbourhood bakery that the whole city knows about (and loves). Starting in 1977, the same family in the same location specializes in Dutch heritage baking. The bustling bakery makes just about everything from bread and buns, to cakes, desserts and cookies, treats, even doughnuts. Yup, we said just about everything. Classic favorites that will delight everyone in your family.


Care Bakery

Sometimes all it takes is really wanting a sandwich. Kerry Bennett started experimenting with the hopes of making gluten free baking more accessible. The long road of research and recipe testing has now provided not only Calgarians, but Albertans and British Columbians*, with an effortless option for those with wheat allergies (or intolerances). *Her gluten-free bread, buns, and pizza crusts can be found as far as Vancouver and everywhere in between. Check your local Co-Op for this delicious bread if you have a special diet.

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