The Christmas of Sue's Dreams

When you have kids Christmas is special. Even more for Grandparents.

For my mother in law, Sue, it was the Christmas she’s always dreamt about.

Sue is an easily excitable, wonderfully supportive, and stubborn woman.

This was an incredible year for her. It started in January when I helped Sue purchase her very first home. For a constantly hard working and sacrificing single mom, home ownership was a fairytale dream. The home she bought was a new build and construction hadn’t started yet, so in her mind, the dream remained a distant future.

In October, she took possession of the immaculate new home, with soft new carpet, vibrant colours, sparkling appliances, and a basement so big that she actually had room for the all the crap she hasn’t thrown away over the past five decades. (I moved it all into that basement, so I can say that).

Sue goes overboard at Christmas. She loves everything about it.

Throughout December her home looked like it was invaded by 

an army of nutcrackers and  constantly simmering Christmas spices. The tree was always perfect, the floor underneath is a precisely arranged old english village covered in snow.

Sue assumed Leilani, Grace, and I would be headed to my parents home for Christmas dinner with baby Scarlett in tow, as we had for the past few years. There was the murmur of happy tears in her voice when we told her we wanted Christmas dinner at her house. Christmas dinner in her own home - a dream come true.

We bugged her for days about not drying out the turkey. Which she didn’t. The stuffing was unreal. Same with the gravy. I was in charge of dessert. The sticky toffee pudding from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is the best Christmas dessert imaginable. My wife is an excellent baker, but deserved a night off.

My brother in law slept on the couch like the life of a 26 year old is sooooo busy. My father in law, Jack, regaled us with stories of growing up on a dairy farm in Ontario until his Dad decided to turn it into a golf course.

We laughed. We played games. Gracie entertained us with her rendition of Rudolph. By the end we all felt like could sleep until the New Year. New traditions were started. Old traditions were honoured. All in the long awaited home of Sue’s dreams. That made it a very memorable Christmas.