Center Stage

Staging your home is crucial in the selling process. You want to put your home in the best possible light so that buyers will be able to see it in all its glory! While you may think it is simply enough to tidy up, there are actually five other major tips and ticks that will ensure your house looks its best! Here they are:

1. Depersonalize: This is crucial. When potential buyers enter your property, they don’t want to be stepping inside your home. They want to be stepping inside their potential home. They should be able to envision their lives in the space, their faces in the picture frames on the walls, and their favorite chair sitting in the living room. While personal touches are a lovely addition to any home, put away the baseball trophies and pictures covering the fridge. By depersonalizing the space, you create an environment for buyers to use their imaginations to personalize the space for themselves.

2. Top-Notch: Everything you have on display in your property should be in pristine condition. Paint over chips, fix the door handle that sticks, hide the shag rug you are so fond of and take a nice trip to IKEA-make sure everything potential buyers see is in mint condition. No one wants a fixer-upper. Take care of your property, and take pride in it! Buyers will notice the difference.

3. Light It Up: No one wants to walk into a dark, dingy space that looks like it could be the setting for a horror movie. A dark space automatically sets a daunting, gloomy tone, and who wants to buy a house when they’re put in such a mood? Exactly. This is not the time to save energy. Turn on all the lights! Make sure every room is well lit, and if it’s not, invest in some more lighting fixtures. A bright space is a welcoming, warm space. Use the tone lighting creates to your advantage. Do not let your shady, shadow filled basement be the reason your house does not get sold.

4. Declutter: While a giant green sofa that takes up half of your living room may be functional for you, it is not functional when selling your home. Take a day to de-clutter your home! Excess furniture, little knick-knacks, winter coats and boots-all of that can be stored. Only the essentials for functionality and decoration purposes can stay. You do not want your space to look smaller because there is so much in it-less is more, literally. Having less out creates the illusion of a larger space. Besides, no one wants to be wading through masses of things when touring your home.

5. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN: Your home should be spotless before potential buyer’s step even a toe inside! Think of it this way: your house has served you well for x amount of years. The least you could do to repay the favor is tidy it up and give it one, final clean! Afterwards, give each room a little lift with Febreeze so that your house not only looks great, but smells great, too! It's also a great idea to open the windows once a day to let in some fresh air - yes, even in the winter...

Now that your home has been staged to perfection, you’re ready to show it off to the world! Good luck!