Block Parties

Block Parties: not as common as they once were. Most people today would associate them with the movies—something very American, often following a neighborhood triumph against some dark force, inevitably produced by Disney. However, block parties are making a massive comeback. 

Block parties are such a great way to celebrate your community! There is a reason you chose to live there, after all. Block parties are a way to get to know neighbors you may have never met before, celebrate what makes your community wonderful, and are the perfect excuse to throw a massive outdoor party! 

They may seem hard to organize, but in reality all it takes is a bit of elbow grease and help from your fellow community members! If everyone pulls together, you are sure to successfully pull off a party that everyone loves! 

The first thing to do is to pick a date. Choose a Sunday—the day of the week most people have off—and make sure the time is sometime in the evening. Most people make weekend plans quickly, so plan your party at least one month in advance. Go door to door to tell families about it and bring a little card on it so people can put it on the fridge and remember it! We suggest also putting a flyer on everyone’s door two weeks before the party just as a reminder! 

The best style of party for this situation is a potluck, unless you are keen on cooking for an audacious amount of people. If you can find out beforehand what people will be bringing that is best, or else you could end up with twenty salads but nothing to drink. As for food tables, ask your local church or community center if you can borrow theirs for the event! Chances are that as long as you take good care of their equipment, they will be more than willing. 

Decorations can be simple—you  can even get your kids in on it! Make some signs with poster board and paint, even adding some streamers and balloons if you feel so inclined! Remember to recruit people you already know in the neighborhood to help, because the more people you have helping, the better and bigger the party can be! 

For entertainment, see if any local kids are in a band or play any instruments! Live entertainment is great, but even just a family-friendly playlist on your ipod and some speakers will do! You can have games ready for everyone to play, like a bean-bag toss or a three-legged race. Chances are once people get mixing and mingling, they’ll be able to entertain themselves for the most part. 

Have fun with it! Get creative and celebrate your community for what it is: home. This is such a great way to welcome new people to the neighborhood, and a tight-knit community is a great selling feature if you ever do end up moving homes. 

Alberta has so many great communities with a diverse group of people, it would be a shame not to celebrate the beauty that each community offers. This is the perfect time to plan a big neighborhood Labour Day / Back to School block party! Take lots of photos, eat lots of food, and enjoy! And don't forget to invite your favorite Century 21 agent!