Taste is a Matter of Opinion (or What do REALTORs® Eat?)

Every day in the life of a REALTOR® is unique.

Real estate agents assist people through the process of buying and selling of land, homes and other properties. In addition to staying current with real estate laws and market trends, agents are tasked with a whole bunch of daily duties and responsibilities, from lead generation and marketing, to open houses and property closings. The flexibility and variety is for me one of the most appealing aspects of working as a real estate agent, and was a big  part of my decision to change careers and enter the field.

Each day presents a new challenge, and responding to the changing needs of buyers and sellers often means shifting gears at the last minute.  Some days, it can get a little crazy. Crazy-good, I love being an agent.

Once of the biggest challenges I've found so far working as a REALTOR® is eating healthy while on the move.  Fast food is readily available and it's temptingly cheap and filling, but I am already fighting the battle against super-sizing.  Bringing healthy snacks to eat in the car between appointments leaves too much evidence behind, and I don't always make the time to do the prep.

So what's a hungry agent to eat? (besides rusty nails and low-ball offers on their listings?)

A stint working at a Lebanese restaurant when I was in university left me with a lifelong love of Mediterranean cuisine.  It offers all of the grab-and-go goodness of fast food, without the terrible health consequences.  A certain deli on Edmonton Trail is my go-to staple for eating on the run.  (If you want to try my fav here is a link to Cedars)

I like the location, I like what's inside the wrapper and I am comfortable there.

While I am fiercely loyal to MY donair guys, three intrepid investment bankers in downtown Calgary recently conduced an exhaustive survey of Calgary donair restaurants and produced an incredibly detailed report of their findings.  Donairs were judged on three criteria: quality, mass, and mass of meat as a per cent of total mass. The quality measure was further broken down into five sub-categories, each weighted by importance: meat (30 per cent), groceries/vegetables (20 per cent), sauce (20 per cent), pita (20 per cent), and customer service (10 per cent).

This report has been shared far and wide on social media this week, and has not been without controversy.   My own beloved donair guys rated further down the list than I would have expected, but they are still tops in my books.  "Some people disagreed with our final selection," said Nick Graham, one of the authors of the report. "But that's why we provided the sensitivity tables, so people could do their own analysis."

What is "best" is very much a matter of opinion, and finding what suits your own personal taste and lifestyle depends on the criteria you have set out and the data you have available to you to make a decision.  Kinda like finding the right house. It's all about location, what's inside the wrapper and how comfortable you feel. As a real estate professional, I can introduce you to some great donairs, and also provide all of the data and expertise you need to find just the home you are looking for. 

View the Calgary Donair Report here:


Meatiness is just one of the quality measure criteria used to judge downtown Calgary's best donair.

Photo credit ~ Nick Graham (author of the Calgary Donair Study)