You're the BEST

I am writing this testimonial as a referance for Karen Bertamini from Century 21 in Drumheller. We listed our house with her in May 2013 in preperation for a transfer to New Brunswick. Not knowing any realtors in NB., we asked Karen to recommend one for us. After some careful research, she put us in touch with an experienced and professional collegue who was an excellent fit for us, whom we likely never would of found on our own.

Although Karen worked diligently, our house did not sell as quickly as we hoped in the then depressed Drumheller market. We eventually had to move and leave our house vacant. Karen continued to work very hard to keep our listing current even though we weren't around to monitor her activities. She was always on top of things, ever available to answer any concerns we had, and helped us out with many details that went beyond her duties as a realtor(R). If I had to find a fault it would be in her modesty- she did not always communicate well regarding all the behind the scenes work she was doing to bring us a sale.

As winter was approaching and the market was becoming even slower, Karen advised us that it would be wise to find renters so our house would not be vacant any longer. She recommended a lovely and accomodating young couple who were willing to rent while the house remained on the market. Karen handled all the lease and inspection arrangements for us while we were so far away. We trusted her with our greatest asset and she proved very trustworthy as she again assumed duties beyond those of  being a realtor(R). She continued to be on top of things and to keep in touch with us. Especially helpful was her encouragement when we were impatient for a sale.

Eventually, with spring in the air, all of Karen's hard work began to pay off. When we began to get offers, her advice was invaluable and always spot on. As a result we are extremely pleased with the price we received for our house. Given the market at the time, selling this house was much more difficult than anticipated, but Karen's positive and professional attitude coupled sith her skills and experience as a realtor(R) saw us through in the end.

Karen is an extremely organized and hard working realtor(R). She is an understanding and compassionate person and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling a house.

Submitted in appreciation by Paula and Paul Belliveau